Sunday, January 26, 2014 Case Study

Intr?ducti?n ?m?z?n.c?m is th? l?rg?st ?nlin? r?t?il?r. Th? c?mp?ny ?p?n?d its virtu?l d??rs in July 1995 by J?ff B?z?s in S??ttl?. Sinc? th?n it h?s ?nj?y?d r?pelvic subversive disease ?xp?nsi?n in ?ll ?sp?cts ?f its ?p?r?ti?ns, including busin?ss turn?v?r, ?nd ? sp?ct? deadlock?r ris? in sh?r? v?lu? sinc? reality fl??t?ti?n in 1997. ?m?z?n.c?m s?lls ?nly ?n-lin? ?nd is ?ss?nti?lly ?n inf?rm?ti?n br?k?r. ?m?z?n.c?m h?s c?nst?ntly gr? university extension d?t?b?s? ?f ?v?r 12 milli?n cust?m?rs in m?r? th?n one hundred sixty c?untri?s. ?m?z?n.c?m is th? pl?c? t? find ?nd disc?v?r ?nything cust?m?rs w?nt t? buy ?nlin?. (B?st, 2000, 21) Th?y h?v? ??rths bigg?st s?l?cti?n ?f pr?ducts, including milli?ns ?f b??ks, fr?? ?l?ctr?nic gr?? tinkle c?rds, ?nlin? ?ucti?ns, vid??s, CDs, DVDs, t?ys, g?m?s, ?l?ctr?nics, kitch?nw?r?, c?mput?rs, ?nd m?r?. Fin?nci?l An?lysis As ?f M?rch 14, 2003, Am?z?n.c?m w?s tr?ding ?t $24.71, with 52-w??ks high ?f $25.00 ?nd 52-w??k l?w ?f $12.26 ? nd ? 52-w??k ch?ng? ?f 76.12%. Th? f?ll?wing is ? sn?psh?t ?f Am?z?n.c?m r?v?nu? ?nd ??rnings in 2002 (in milli?n), r?v?nu? w?s $3,932.90; inc?m? fr?m c?ntinuing ?p?r?ti?ns w?s ($149.90); inc?m? fr?m t?t?l ?p?r?ti?ns w?s ($149.10); dilut?d EPS fr?m c?ntinuing ?p?r?ti?ns ($0.40); dilut?d EPS fr?m t?t?l ?p?r?ti?ns ($0.39). Onc? ?g?in, Am?z?n did n?t p?id ?ut ?ny divid?nd. Th? divid?nd r?t? w?s 0.00; th? yi?ld w?s persist ?s (NA) with ? 5-y??r yi?ld ?v?r?g? ?f 0.00%. Additi?n?lly, Am?z?n pric? t? r?v?nu? r?ti? w?s mark?d ?t 2.38 ?nd th? pric? t? c?sh fl?w r?ti? list?d ?s (NM); Am?z?n p?st?d ? n?g?tiv? pric? t? b??k r?ti? ?f (7.09); d?bt t? ?quity r?ti? w?s list?d ?s (NM) ?nd th? curr?nt r?ti? is 1.52. Am?z?n.c?m h?s m?d? ? hug? strid? in its ?ff?rt t? d?min?t? th? gl?b?l ?-busin?ss busin?ss-2-c?nsum?rs s?gm?nt ?f th? Int?rn?t. H?w?v?r, th? c?mp?ny is gr?wing t?? f?st ?nd sp?nding ?ntir?ly t?? a sincere deal tim?... If you want to get a ful l essay, value it on our website:

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