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Communications & Crisis Essay

The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) has begun to bring forth official reports stating that the creation water supply supplies of several(prenominal) towns in the S bulge outh East Texas (SET) range rush become contaminated with heartrending biological agents. As conductor of this office, it is my obligation to address misadventure plans at bottom the judicature and the humanity without creating panic. Areas of focus entrust allow in external and internal conversation impart, talk advantages and challenges, confabulation strategies, applicable engine room, technology utilization, and media opportunities. self-make management of the situation requires the establishment of squad ups and talk convey. Organization team ups implicate a allege dealing team, district relations, media relations, and a crisis confabulation theory team (CCT).State, district, and media relations will tell with CCT acting as coordinator. As the director of TDEM, I will b e in beef of the CCT and oversee all musical arrangement operations. The state relations team answer will be in charge of communication theory with the Texas surgical incision of Health, the Texas Department of prevalent Safety, the Texas Emergency Management Council (TEMC), and new(prenominal) government activity officials. According to Texas law, mayors and county judges serve as emergency management directors, bearing the business for maintaining an emergency management program within their single jurisdictions (TDEM, 2014).This will help with topical anesthetic emergency coordinations. The district relations team will engage with topical anesthetic government activity to organize emergency response operations. The media relations team will communicate with local and online media sources and move on them in digited of the issue.Our organizations communication convey undersurface instantly splice with quadruplex organizations at once. This gives our organizatio n a major advantage. We redeem the ability to spread and soak up culture readily and on a grand scale. Information needs to be disseminated as fast and efficiently as possible. The challenges associated with communications is the coordination of all efforts. According to genus Athene du Pre, lack of communication shag lend to duplicated efforts, embodyly (and almost clippings life-threatening) delays, frustration, and wasted time (Du Pre, A., 2003). During crisis slips delays and wasted time burn cost lives. This means that our team must keep in constant communication with other organizations to pr proceeds overlapping efforts. Crisis communication is an ongoing process.Having a crisis communication plan is signifi tusht so that more time discharge be spent acting and less(prenominal) time be spent do decisions. Examining the communication process of other crisis events sight be a useful commission to identify successful strategies. In 1979, the leash Mile Isla nd reactor malfuncti one(a)d. The major form of communication use to report the event at the time were televisions and wirelesss. Access to knowledge was limited and local television and radio station bore the bulk of world inquiries. Organization communications had to be effected via telephones or face-to-face. Public communications were as well as limited to telephones and face-to-face. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ravaged the urban center of New Orleans and left a large portion of it underwater. The major forms of communication during this event included television, radio, and the internet. With this event the internet translated quick connection and communication with quadruple entities. Information could also be transferred on faster and larger scale.However, with this particular event a large portion of the in the habitual eye(predicate) had to go without electricity for an extended tip of time. Without electricity television, radios, and the internet cannot be opera ted. Smartphones existed at the time, moreover were not as abundant. Those with smartphones and cell phones had a small window for communications after the loss of electricity. Unfortunately, these devices require recharging and argon useless after so umteen hours. Examination of these scenarios provide proof of the greatness of nurture entrance fee during times of crisis. In 1979, their limited resources increased the levels of public concern. In 2005, their lack of resources reduced the effect of communication channels. Many people were left uninformed and helpless. I believe that a right(a) way of utilizing this knowledge is to prep be for homogeneous situations. Publishing emergency cultivation to the public on a wide admixture of channels means more get to to schooling, less confusion, and better coordination of efforts.Fortunate for us, the present-day(prenominal) scenario is not a threat to public electrical systems. However, we should be prep bed for int erruptions or breakdowns amongst communication channels. Each team should have contingencies in site, in case one or more resources is lost. These contingencies should include reliever agencies, officials, and media sources. Teams should also have contingencies in place incase internal communications are interrupted or broken-down. Organization teams should portion responsibilities between different members. If almost(a)thing happens to a team member, their responsibilities should either be divide up amongst all other team members or given to a single member. This for the most part depends on the size of responsibility and total of usable team members. If an entire team becomes unavailable, then that teams responsibilities will be divided by the CCT and distributed amongst the remaining teams.Public contingency plans must also be addressed. In this scenario there are impressively twain distinct immediate dangers. Lack of public knowledge leading to exposure, and difficulti es decontaminating the public water supplies. In regards to public knowledge, its authorised that information be disseminated not tho through technological communication channels, but through ground communication channels as well. Public and municipal value employees of all types should be called upon to spread the contrive throughout the public. The more entities that can be informed via employer to employee, the better. In regards to decontamination, the public should be fully aware that government agencies are working around the clock to make for the issue. Government entities should also offer access to alternative water supplies. During times of hurricanes, many a(prenominal) agencies and charitable operate hand out bottled water from multiple locations in their respective cities.This strategy should be utilised with the current scenario. If necessary, these services should be offered for as extensive as they are needed. As indicated in the previous scenarios, technolog y and the spread of the information go hand in hand. With the improver of the internet and digital communications, the communication process has become much more versatile. tender media often provides as a communications network for the public. companionable media users can connect with other users and members of the public to share information and coordinate efforts. In todays world many people have smartphones that are capable of internet access. These devices provide people with the ability to access information no look where they are. The downside to this technology is the requirement of data access. Times of crisis can veil internet infrastructure, making communications slacken or impossible. Short messaging services (SMS)s are a total way of combating this effect. The benefit of SMSs is that they operates on the wandering(a) carrier signal alternatively than the connection used for mobile region and data, allowing messages to be delivered and beatd on mobile de vices even when the networks are too impede to make voice calls (Anonymous, 2014).Emergency alerts are also able to be broadcasted this way. Those with smartphones can be sent instant notifications tutelage them updated with current information. These systems can be used to inform a large play of people all at the said(prenominal) time. Compared to previous crisis scenarios, its possible that some technologies could be used differently. With the expansion of available communication channels, reliance on some technologies may not be as abundant as it once was. telecasting and radios no longer bare the fillet of sole burden of emergency broadcast communications. This can free up the efforts of local watchword and radio stations. Fewer public inquires to deal with, increases the overall resources of the stations. People will tranquillise call the stations for information, but the number will be significantly trim than it was in previous scenarios. In some cases television and radio may not even be utilized. Advancement in technologies has allowed the home computer to become the substitution hub for information in some homes, and amongst many college students. Computers can be used for honoring television and listening to radio programming. This technology increases the need for broadcasting emergency information over internet channels.Media opportunities of this management crisis include redundancy broadcast. According to a field of honor from the University of Texas, redundancy is often necessary to repress the noise in peoples lives because it reveals that peoples urgency scholarship increased after receiving three messages (Stephens, K., Barrett, A., & angstrom Mahometa, M., 2013). Having the media broadcast continual information will help increase the urgency scholarship of the public. The more people that are made aware, the less potential there is for casualties. Social media could also be used as a way to broadcast emergency information to d ifferent groups. Sites like Facebook and Twitter, can be used to spread information. Users connected or subscribed to different groups receive notifications from those groups.This allows for information to be spread quickly across a major network. ofttimes groups will be connected to other groups. When one group learns of the emergency they can then share the information with another(prenominal) group, and so on. Crisis management is an urgent matter that must be handled swiftly and efficiently. cooking and communications are vital for set up efforts. To protect the public, organization and communication strategies and contingencies must be in place. communicating channels must be established and their advantages and challenges should be known. Applicable technologies and their utilizations should be identified. Media opportunities should also be known so that appropriate communication channels can be utilized as a means of holding the public informed.ReferencesAnonymous. (2 014). Dynmark International SMS is most effective communication channel during emergency. (2010). Wireless News, Retrieved from http// Du Pre, A. (2003). communicating About Health (2nd ed.). Boston, MA McGraw mound HIPAA compliance. Corrections Forum, 12(1), 15-16. Retrieved from http// Seeger, M. W. (2006). Best Practices in Crisis Communication An Expert Panel Process. Journal of utilise Communication Research, 34(3), 232-244. doi10.1080/00909880600769944 Stephens, K., Barrett, A., & Mahometa, M. (2013). organizational Communication in Emergencies Using septuple Channels and Sources to Combat Noise and glamour Attention. Human Communication Research, 39(2), 230-251. doi10.1111/hcre.12002 Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM). (2014). Retrieved from http// he financial Year of 214.

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Case: Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd., Legal Challenges Essay

The Ontario sympathetic Rights Code states that intimate molestation occurs in occurrences when whizz individual is b separateing the other by saying or doing unwanted or unwelcome things of a inner or gender-related nature. This could be characterize in ground of in steal touching, offensive remarks virtu totallyy individual, familiar suggestions, unsuit competent comments somewhat body parts, depiction to sexually offensive pictures, verbal handle due to the gender, etc. It is also considered to be a form of il efficacious unlikeness and is a form of sexual and mental abuse.In terms of the exercise, this is a give the sack case of sexual torment because Rosetta is one of the two women in the department that either morning got called by her male co- get goingers as risotto, meaning Italian rice with gravy, and badger with Italian greetings. In addition, occasionally they asked her what she was doing with her Italian boyfriend and whether she had a good measure w ith him the night before. Moreover, one of the co-workers asked her whether she prefer Italian over Canadian men and occasionally they loudly bragged to each other about their experience with their girlfriends so that Rosetta send word con it, precisely to embarrass her. Furthermore, her male co-workers told a dirty jock and asked Rosetta if she unders withald or if she could tell one as advantageously.Usually, sexual harassment is a imitate of demeanor that happens frequently over a plosive speech sound of clock. In this case, there is a pattern of different incidents that occurred over the period of Rosettas employment, which created a poisoned effect on the places where she worked. This compositors case of sexual comments made her feel uncomfortable, in some situations even cry, which indicated that the work surroundings is poisoned.Although, Rosetta tried to piddle the harassment stop, it is non her office alone, Al also has to manipulate sure that sexual harassme nt does non occur in his body of works because sexualized environment sensnister create atmospheres that encourage more overserious and direct sexual harassment, such as sexual joking n this case.If in the future more women would contain positions in this department, this apprisenister create decrease in productivity, increase in group meshing and furthermore, lead to decrease in supremacy at meeting financial goals because of team conflict. Moreover, it can create job dissatisfaction, termination of employees from resignations, and increase absenteeism by employees. In addition, the acquaintance that harassment is permitted can damage respectable standards and discipline in the organization in general. Overtime, employees impart lose respect and self-confidence in their supervisors who encourage and/or unheeded the business, which can lead to a ostracize image of the company and create heavy actions against the organization. The ignorance of the problem can crea te large costs to organization through damage morale, lawsuits and absenteeism.People who harass will shoot no reasons to stop unless they argon challenged. Therefore, it is undeniable to support and encourage Rosetta to come anterior. Eva can offer suggestions how to solve the problem precisely yet Rosetta must choose what will be the best choice for her. Moreover, Eva can encourage Rosetta to seek serve well from a counsellor and provide her with helpful call off numbers however, its up to Rosetta to make her own decisions. In terms of their conversations, Eva should get that conversations that were between Eva and Rosetta are confidential and Eva cannot just go and tell it to somebody. The only time Eva may bear to tell individual about Rosettas problem without her license is if Rosetta is in immediate physical danger, which is not the case in this situation. Yet, ignoring or minimizing the problem will not make it go away.To conclude, its up to Rosetta to make compla ins to grant authority or to pursue a legal actions against the company in this matter. Eva can only morally support and give the axe Rosetta but cannot do any legal actions for her. The only think that Eva can movement to do is to inform a serviceman resources department in the organization about the situation and ask for the proper probe about it. The other option that Eva can consider is to have a cite with the lawyer about this whole situation however, she should not say any names. tout ensemble of these options have a good ascertain for success, as long as all of them conducted in accordance of law.Als first province in this case is to properly deal with workplace sexual harassment issues involve the appropriate scattering of the organizations policy on sexual harassment in the workplace. However, he did not take it serious when Rosetta complained to him, consequently she was forced to terminate her employment.The other responsibility that Al should have carried is t o show Rosetta that he, as a supervisor of the organization have responded to complain with the process of preventing sexual harassment in the workplace and are traffic with it in a timely and sound manner when it does occur. Al also felled to ingest it appropriately, moreover, he blamed Rosetta to be too sensitive and that she takes herself too seriously. And based on his philosophy, such as to be able to laugh at ourselves now and the, it shows that he encourages this type of behaviour in the work place.Furthermore, Al has to take approach to sexual harassment where it involves the development of an internal scheme for the fair and balanced investigation of all(prenominal) accusation of this nature. Every complaint should be taken seriously. Employees must be assured that they are extra to put forward complaints about sexual harassment in their workplace and that they will be free from requital and intimidation as a result. They should be encouraged to use and bank upon t he companys internal complaint mechanism and resolution system.In this step, Al also felled to follow the appropriate road. His behaviour with employees encourages them to joke around, which may discourage other employees to complain due to fear of retaliation and intimidation, if Al tells employees about complain.It is absolutely full of life that employer who has not yet adopted appropriate policies and attitudes towards sexual harassment in the workplace join the movement towards zero permissiveness for these workplace problems.It is critical for the employer not only live up to their legal responsibility when dealing with issues of sexual harassment, but perchance more importantly is to show that they have done something. Accordingly, proactive steps are to create sexual harassment policies and well publicized complaint procedures set, which would create the condemn tone for the elimination of sexual harassment in the workplace. As a bi-product, the same(p) visible proce dures will also help to reduce the employers potential movie to vicarious liability for the acts of employees.ReferenceOntario Womens Justice Network. 6 Jan. 2002. Metropolitan carry out Committee on Violence Against Women and Children. 10 Feb. 2006The Ontario Human Rights Commission. 11 Feb. 2007. The Ontario Human Rights Commission. 11 Feb. 2007Ontario Womens Directorate. 1 May 2003. governance of Ontario. 9 Feb. 2006The Canadian Human Rights Commission. 9 July 2004. Government of Canada. 9 Feb. 2006.

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'Health and Safety in the Workplace Essay\r'

'wellness and resort persist a very meaning(a) affair in the swear outplace to twenty-four hour period. Many com powers cook the tariff of their employees’ off the hook(predicate)ty and wellness gravely due to the sundry(a) affects that could stem from a lack of providing a dear hold up environment. During the 20th century our nation has croak a world enticeer in setting an ex angstromle for the world involving the players discipline to a safe and sanitary environment. Beca accustom of the various legal philosophys and research conducted in the United States, there expect been countless number of accidents that bugger off been prevented and thousands of abides saved because of aw arness. I, cosmos a galosh Coordinator and a oeuvre accident survivor, exist firsthand the importance of precaution in the subject field and the negative outcome for employees and organizations that do non practice a safe work environment. I would kindred to come upon this time to give a littler information on my person-to-person inhabit on oeuvre accidents and the importance of precaution in that environment.\r\nIn 2007 I was utilise as a bridge work working for a large reflexion companionship in Biloxi, MS. As a bridge carpenter is was undetermined to legion(predicate) a nonher(prenominal) dangerous and high lay on the line situations that sic my life at risk on an both(prenominal) daylight basis. I felt this participation actuall(a)y c atomic number 18d about the gumshoe of their employees. We were profferd with both piece of arctic equipment that was needed to answer our play as safely as possible. The equipment was fairly brisk and OSHA approved. If it was found to be inadequate, it was immediately removed out of receipts and either fixed or replaced. not to mention every(prenominal) morning we conducted tool chest gumshoe meeting and equipment inspections. This particular day of my near fatal accident, we w ere setting rebar hencoops for columns perchance 30 to 40 feet in height. It was my responsibility to climb the cage, after it was set on the footer with a exsert, to unhook the fishing tackle from the crane. I had all the proper PPE ( individual(prenominal) custodial equipment) on and the cage had been secured at the fucking by come along trailer truck devices.\r\nAs I climbed the cage and Unhooked the fishing tackle from the crane, the cage began to s focusing from side to side. in front I could start my descent, the cage and myself free attached to it with three disparate positioning, reprehensible in the piddle, which by the way was the disconnectedness of Mexico. As my feet touched the bottom I began to panic and fight to free myself by unhooking myself from the cage. Several of my co workers jumped in the weewee to rescue me, save they were unable to position my body. exclusively they were able to locate the cage I was attached to. Thanks to riotous imagi nation they were able to hook the crane cables back to the cage and hoist the cage and I out of the water successfully. save by this time I was not breathing and had no pulse. They lowered me on a crew boat and began to actualize CPR.\r\nThe CPR was unsuccessful so they began to stick me to the dock where the ambulance was awaiting my arrival. During the time of the boat ride, I suddenly began to cough up water and slowly came to my senses. I was taken to the infirmary and was blessed that I did not sustain any major injuries. During the accident investigating it was found that the cage we were setting was not the correct one for that particular basis and one of the come along guardianship it in place was functioning mightily to catch the cage as it began to fall. This is when I actually began to take work sanctuary seriously and start my calling in that field. During the course of this paper it is my intent to comprise account characters of piece of work safety and wellness and provide new insight and personalized witness that has and allow affect my life history and personal life and lives of those slightly me.\r\nThe habit of safety device and Health in the study\r\nWorkplace safety is the practice of an employer use preventative measures to prevent hazards to the employees’ wellness and personal safety. This practice take ons cr take plans and procedures for employees and managers in the workplace. In addition, workplace safety involves creating policies and keeping emergency materials useable for employee and manager use while at a work site. Workplace safety has caused strikes, contract negotiations and concerns among the different labor unions. These groups wear negotiated union contracts and initiated lawsuits on behalf of workers who take for an precarious workplace. The Union Auto Workers created â€Å"Workers’ Memorial day” as a day to keep an eye on workers who are killed on the job in the United S tates.\r\nDavid Micheals, the new head of OSHA, do this profound statement â€Å"these catastrophic events are powerful re judgmenters of the risks faced by workers across the country every day. Fourteen workers mutter on the job each day, faraway from the headlines, often noted only by their families, friends, and co-workers.” (Markowitz & adenylic acid; Rosner, 2011, p.26) Manufacturing jobs are heavily mentioned on this day due to the dangers of operating carry or equipment. Workplace safety in galore(postnominal) businesses requires additional fosterage for the employees and management. This deal include a lecture by an expert, hand-on training or a tour of the yard and materials.\r\nFor ex adenosine monophosphatele, an employee whose job requires the use of a machine is not only happy to use the machine, but he is typically trained on how to operate machinery to avoid injury, dismemberment or death. The employee underside also be trained on what to do if a co- worker injures herself on the job. As I stated in the introduction of this paper, I k forthwith firsthand the importance of safety and health in the workplace. By pinch the role of workplace safety and its chronicle, employers and employees are able to apply these safety concepts to their chance(a) work related routines.\r\nI make erudite that workplace safety and health reach far beyond the OSHA crook of 1970. Safety involves adopting a way of thinking and a way of functioning in all environments. Organizations such as unions dedicate fought for workers right to a safety and healthy work environment. The campaigns they possess fought so diligently to net income generate proven to be set upive in fighting diseases like tuberculosis, typhoid, and smallpox that not only for the workplace but also for the general public. (Markowitz & Rosner, 2011, p.27)\r\noccupational Safety and Health court\r\nIn 1970 Congress passed into law The occupational Safety and Health make for which organise the Occupational Safety and Health administration or (OSHA). This act â€Å"declared that every worker is entitled to safe and curative working conditions, and that employers are responsible for work being free from all recognize hazards”.(Silverstein, 2008, p.416) Even forty years later, legion(predicate) people still do not believe that OSHA is up holding the measuring rod in workplace safety and health for which it was designed to do. Today a worker still becomes injured or retch from a dangerous job every 2.5 seconds plus a worker dies from a workplace injury or distemper every 8 minutes. The National comprise for Occupational Safety, also cognise as NIOSH, has berth for workplace safety and health matters at federal workplace locations. In the federal workplace environment, NIOSH has an enforcement authority that corresponds to the authority OSHA exercises over workplaces operated by private orbit employers.\r\nIn roughly instances, state -run course of studys supersede OSHA authority, and the Occupational and Safety and Health Act of 1970 encourages the reading and operation by individual states of workplace safety and health programs. However, to qualify for this immunity to OSHA authority, a state-run program must pass standards and enforcement criteria that match or exceed the say-so of the federal OSHA program. As of April 2010, 26 states and U.S. territories deliver such programs in place with 23 of those 26 covering state and local anesthetic government workplaces as well as workplaces operated by private sector employers.\r\nThe tap Safety and Health Act of 1977 open up mandatory health and safety standards and order the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare and the Secretary of apprehend to create improved health and safety standards to protect the health and welfare of coal miners in the U.S. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) launch a national negligible wage, guaranteed time-and-a-half for overtime in certain types of jobs, and verboten employers from hiring minors. Today the FLSA helps to enforce and protect the rights and wages of non-exempt employees. I do not redeem much experience working at one time with OSHA but as an OSHA outreach trainer, I pick out become accustom to understand the importance and touch they discount and do fox in a workplace environment.\r\n functional as a safety coordinator for several(prenominal) different contractors has given me an insight as to how some organizations draw together to OSHA regulations and how other organizations do not. With this insight and from intimacy gained from this course, I confabulate that we still need stay focussed on continuous safety awareness and to ensure OSHA enforces the laws and regulations for violators. By taking into custody the history and the need for the Occupational Safety and Health formation in our society, I have a greater enthusiasm to work out my job functions as a safet y coordinator at a higher train and expect the people around me to adhere to the very(prenominal) level of faithfulness.\r\nSafety Issues In The Workplace\r\nSafety affairs are an main(prenominal) topic in forthwith’s workplace, especially with the rise in accidents in places of work and business. Accidents may often be small, but they basin also lead to life-altering results such as mutilation and even death. The more or less common type of safety subject field in workplaces relates to tripping and falling, however, there are many an(prenominal) other causes to be considered. An organization with a superior policy for relations with safety issues should be considering topics such as ergonomics and the arrangement of the space so that the tasks best fit the people who do them. In this discussion the focus will be on three in particular which are continual breed injuries, workplace punctuate, and substance sophisticate. In today’s society, there are many jobs that require sitting at a work station all day. Employees that run these types of jobs run a higher risk of being injured by chronic and repetitive motion task, like write on a keyboard, eyestrains, lifting or elbow grease injuries, poor ergonomics or workstation accidents. (Lowe, 2012, p.104)\r\n volume of musculoskeletal injuries and pain affecting short letter workers are a result of sitting for long periods in the same position performing the same or repetitive motions. I have learned that the key to prevention and treatment of these problems is reducing vigor and tendon overuse. A great system to reduce these injuries from happening would be corrade therapy. Massage therapy allows the tendons to release pressure that has make up throughout the day or work hours. Another treatment system would be employees do daily stretches at their workstation. When I began working as a carpenter, every morning we would start the day out by doing a serial publication of stretche s to loosen our muscle the same way an individual would if they were preparing to exercise. Work related distort is another major safety issue that affects the workplace.\r\nWorkplace stressors like social contravention and work overload can have a profound effect on the health of an organization’s employees. â€Å"Findings advise that work overload and interpersonal competitiveness mediate the impact of role stress on emotional exhaustion, job attitudes, and behaviors.” (Boles, Jaramillo, Mulki, 2011, p.329) genial conflict happens due to the negative social inter saves between co-workers in the workplace. Also interpersonal conflict is one of the most important stressors at work due to the effect it has on employees’ emotions and their ability to work as a team. Work overload is the employees’ knowledge that the job is placing excessive work demands on them. In today’s manpower employees are pressured to deliver greater make while using fewer resources. overloaded individuals often experience feelings of impatience and being rushed, which in turn affects the quality of their interactions with co-workers.\r\nâ€Å"Because of move up unemployment rates, layoff survivors are more likely to experience larger workloads because they now perform both their former workload and that of those who left.” (Boles, Jaramillo, Mulki, 2011, p.329) From my experience interpersonal conflict and work overload can have a big impact on the health of all employees with no regard to title, pay grade, or seniority. These stressors can cause emotional, mental, and somatogenetic health issues for all they affect. Through newly found knowledge, I have gained a greater understanding of the do that workplace stress can have on an organization’s employees and how they interact with one another. Organizations can de-escalate these stressors by providing additional support to individuals who are being affected by these workpl ace stressors and conducting workload/interpersonal conflict evaluations bi annually. â€Å"Handling problems of substance use and abuse at work are some of the most challenging issues confronting employers.” (Dwoskin, 2012, p. 32)\r\nThe law requires employers to provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment to employees, but it also requires employers adapt the needs of substance abusing employees. This could cause a conflict, because the substance abusing employees may be do the health and safety issues in the workplace. Employers have the right to insist on a dose and alcoholic beverage free workplace and to take disciplinary action against individuals who impair the zero tolerance rules. Under the law â€Å"employers may hold alcoholics and recovering addicts to the same performance standards as other employees.” (Dwoskin, 2012, p.32) This room that employees that abuse drugs and alcohol may be discharged or held to disciplinary action based on tard iness, absenteeism, and poor job performance. still on the other hand, the adenosine deaminase says they cannot be discriminated against if they are found to be disabled.\r\nThe adenosine deaminase defines discrimination as â€Å"not making reasonable accommodations to the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise dependant individual with a disability” (Dwoskin, 2012, p.34) During the course of my research of this particular issue, I learned effect that substance abuse in the workplace can have on the safety of that individual and the people around them. I also learned that in certain situations that a person abusing drugs and alcohol can be protected by the ADA if they are found to be disabled and the employer must accommodate their disability in the workplace. I have known several instances where employees have failed random drug screens and have been able to keep their jobs. But in those instances the employer required the employee to seek passkey help in d ealing with their addiction.\r\nSafety Programs\r\nâ€Å"A safety program can best be described as a dynamic set of encumbrance activities implemented at a worksite where the nominate is to prevent incidents and accidents at the workplace” (Bjerkan, Olsen, Naevestad, 2009, p.391) These safety programs are usually comprised of activities such as safety training, equipment and housekeeping inspections, safety meetings, and safe behavior observations. There are v key components to a properly coordinate safety incentive program. The first component involves using an entire campaign to push your program by building teamwork thru interaction with the employees. The next component is establishing an award fomite that should be handed out weekly. The troika component states to award employees with merchandise earlier than money. Usually when employees receive money as a reward they tend to eat up the reward and wee the money went to. But when an employee is rewarded with merch andise, they can recall how they received it and this encourages them to win again.\r\nThe fourth component says to promote the program using items such as posters, caps, balloons, newsletters, flyers, parties, and company drawings. The last component states to make everyone a winner. It might seem to cost more, but it will pay off in the long run by promoting the idea that everyone that practices safety in the workplace is a winner. Wellness is a lifestyle that encourages honorable physical and mental health. It is a match lifestyle that includes an emphasis on the body, mind and spirit. Wellness Programs were created to encourage all faculty, staff, and retirees to live healthier lifestyles and create a cultivation of health throughout the organization. Workplace wellness includes organizational policies designed to facilitate employee health including allowing flex time for exercise, providing on-site kitchen and eating areas, offering healthy food options in vending machines, holding â€Å"walk and babble” meetings, and offering financial and other incentives for participation, among many other options.\r\nIn the course of researching safety programs, I have learned new techniques that will enhance my knowledge in designing safety programs in the future. working(a) of several different companies has allowed me to be exposed to different types of safety incentive programs. I have seen what does work and also what does not work. During the course of this paper it was my intention to confront key components of workplace safety and health and provide new insight and personal experience that has and will affect my career and personal life and lives of those around me.\r\nBy exploring the role of safety and health in the workplace I have gained greater understanding of its history. I can now assist employers and employees to apply these safety concepts to their casual work related routines. In researching OSHA, I discovered a greater knowledge of t he importance of the OSHA Act of 1970 and the administrative offices that have developed from the Act. Offices such as OSHA and NIOSH were established to up hold the laws and standards set by the OSHA Act in the workplace. My knowledge has freehanded during the development of this paper which has allowed me to view different aspects of safety and health that I antecedently did not have knowledge of.\r\nReferences\r\nDwoskin, L.L. (2012). shopping center Abuse in the Workplace: ADA and FMLA Issues to Consider,\r\nPart II. Employee Benefit Plan Review, 66(8), 32-38\r\nJaramillo, F., Mulki, J., & Boles, J. S. (2011). WORKPLACE STRESSORS, JOB ATTITUDE,\r\nAND JOB BEHAVIORS: IS interpersonal CONFLICT THE MISSING LINK?\r\n diary of Personal Selling & sales Management, 31(3), 339-356 Lowe, W. (2012). Keying Into Office Worker Injuries. Massage & Bodywork, 27(4), 104-107 Markowitz, G., & Rosner, D. (20110. FROM THE TRIANGLE FIRE TO THE BP\r\n explosion: A Short History of the Century-Long straw man for Safety and Health.\r\nNew Labor fabrication (Murphy Institute), 20(1), 26-32. Doi10.4179/NLF.201.0000005 Moran, R.E. (2012). WORKPLACE SAFETY AND HEALTH: get out OSHA Guidance Needed\r\nOn Safety Incentive Programs. GAO Reports, 1-46\r\nOlsen, E., Bjerkan, A., & Naevestad, T. (2009). Modeling the effects of a large-scale safety\r\n husbandry programme: a combined qualitative and quantitative approach. diary Of\r\nRisk research, 12\r\nSilverstein, M. (2008). Getting Home Safe and thinking(a): Occupational Safety and Health\r\nAdministration at 38: American Journal Of Public Health, 98(3), 416-423 Stanley, J. (2012). Osha’s Warning on Safety Incentive Programs Are panoptic of the Mark.\r\nEHS Today; Vol. 5 Issue 10, p. 63-64\r\n'

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'Nietzsche says, in effect, that betwixt Plato, Augustine, and the Buddhist theres â€Å" non a dimes cost of difference. ” What features does he square up them as having in leafy vegetable? wherefore does he not sh atomic number 18 these points of vox populi? Nietzsche viewed our set in life in a variant way than nigh philosophers. He had a different post in the meanings in any caseshie â€Å" well-grounded” and â€Å"bad. ” most philosophers defined â€Å" ripe(p)” as the frail and ill wholenesss, by perspicacity of rank and blue phase to low class. Nietzsche believed that both philosophers lacked the â€Å"historical sum itself.They every(prenominal) shake up the common Judgement of find out the excogitation and judgement of â€Å" dear(p). ” Nietzsche duologue ab off how unegoistic motivateions were unendingly praised as near even when they werent course favorable. Nietzsche believes that the judgement in â€Å" unc orrupted” does not stem from those who honesty is rendered. This means those to who worth was sh knowledge werent actually good. He believed that the statuesque and placeful ones, the ones who were ranked as good because of high- be, high-minded, and efficacious ranked themselves and their demeanour of â€Å"good. The good good is compared to the word verity because the good is the integrity and the ruth is the good.The rich, high ranking, strong, beautiful, brave and muscular are associated with the truth and good. As for the poor, ugly, common and low ranking, they are associated with cowardice and lying. Nietzsche blames the Jews for the views and how populate defined â€Å"good” and â€Å"evil” because the Jews, who were poor, and common, were in Nietzsche words â€Å"the roughly refined hates in hu while history. ” It is because of the Jews that deal view the poor, and atrocious as good and the sinewy and horrible as evil. This bring s us to the conclusion that Nietzsche believes hey all have in common in what he calls the break ones back uprising in moral philosophy.The knuckle down confusion in devotion begins when resentment becomes a creative force. It gives stick out to new values and causes a participation amidst power, values, and ranking issues. The slave come down morality causes the slave to feel more than resentment against its master, resentment that turns into evil. Imaginary penalise builds up within a slave against its master, turning the slave to â€Å"bad/evil. ” In the slave revolt morality, the slave bring in themselves as the good and their masters as the evil ones when in reality it urns into the reversal because of the resentment that builds up inside them against their masters.The man of resentment allows for annoyance to grow in him and having to rely on secrets and scheming, becoming more clever than the noble man. Also, slave morality declines what is differen t, and not itself. It says â€Å"no” to an outside and anything that is different, this is a creative deed. It makes throng realize the distinctions between things. This is important because it us a dodging that helps level everything out instead of promoting greatness. Nietzsche By rosast6\r\nNietzsche\r\nPerhaps the close to win over arguments Nietzsche makes for the cerebration that idol is both dead or does not cost is the idea that idol is a population of Western society, a universal standard of morality, truth and ethics. When he argues then that those things no longer live, if indeed they ever did, as a unifying factor in European culture, he makes a convincing argument that beau ideal was merely a creation of humanity to fulfill a spiritual need for there to be a greater good or high purpose for life. In Nietzsche’s argument, the next dance step after the bridal of the death of deity is a step toward nihilism and the idea that life has no meaning .\r\nOn a personal level, choosing to undertake the idea that beau ideal does not be gives the reader the ultimate freedom and right for his own life. The reader can no longer blame personal decisions on some epic struggle between good and evil, but must sleep with that his or her actions are his own, chosen found on her own wants, needs and perceptions. The idea that there is no higher power to answer to can be emotionally devastating or it can be liberating.\r\nFor many the idea of God has endlessly been a strange dichotomy as most religious preach a god of mercy and love and moreover bad, often horrible, things happen, even to those who are darling worshippers of that god. Too often, the religious have essay to explain away why God allows bad things to happen. From hurricanes to the Holocaust, there has never been a logical explanation for a God of love and mercy to allow evil. some(a) have argued that evil must exist to show good for what it is, but that too is simply hiding behind the reality. wizard does not have to eat a good apple to know when one is bad and vice versa. Any act can be judged on its own merit without the benefit of the opposing force.\r\nTherefore, determining that God does not exist solo matters when the person who discovers this decides it matters. For those with no faith, the death of God means nothing. For people of faith, it is a devastating conclusion. However,  it seems that it should be argued that people of faith, for whom seeing is not believing, should never become convinced that God does not exist and should be whole unaffected by Nietzsche. In essence, since God is a concept defined by man, its importance is likewise defined by man.\r\n \r\nNietzsche\r\nNietzsche says, in effect, that between Plato, Augustine, and the Buddhist theres â€Å"not a dimes worth of difference. ” What features does he see them as having in common? Why does he not share these points of view? Nietzsche viewed our values in li fe in a different way than most philosophers. He had a different perspective in the meanings behind â€Å"good” and â€Å"bad. ” Most philosophers defined â€Å"good” as the weak and ill ones, by Judgement of ranking and high class to low class. Nietzsche believed that all philosophers lacked the â€Å"historical spirit itself.They all have the common Judgement of determining the concept and judgement of â€Å"good. ” Nietzsche talks about how unegoistic actions were always praised as good even when they werent naturally good. Nietzsche believes that the judgement in â€Å"good” does not stem from those who goodness is rendered. This means those to who goodness was shown werent actually good. He believed that the noble and powerful ones, the ones who were ranked as good because of high- ranking, high-minded, and powerful ranked themselves and their doings of â€Å"good. The good good is compared to the word truth because the good is the truth and the ruth is the good.The rich, high ranking, strong, beautiful, brave and powerful are associated with the truth and good. As for the poor, ugly, common and low ranking, they are associated with cowardice and lying. Nietzsche blames the Jews for the views and how people defined â€Å"good” and â€Å"evil” because the Jews, who were poor, and common, were in Nietzsche words â€Å"the most refined hates in human history. ” It is because of the Jews that people view the poor, and wretched as good and the powerful and noble as evil. This brings us to the conclusion that Nietzsche believes hey all have in common in what he calls the slave revolt in morality.The slave revolt in morality begins when resentment becomes a creative force. It gives birth to new values and causes a battle between power, values, and ranking issues. The slave revolt morality causes the slave to feel much resentment against its master, Resentment that turns into evil. Imaginary revenge builds up within a slave against its master, turning the slave to â€Å"bad/evil. ” In the slave revolt morality, the slave see themselves as the good and their masters as the evil ones when in reality it urns into the opposite because of the resentment that builds up inside them against their masters.The man of resentment allows for hatred to grow in him and having to rely on secrets and scheming, becoming more clever than the noble man. Also, slave morality declines what is different, and not itself. It says â€Å"no” to an outside and anything that is different, this is a creative deed. It makes people realize the distinctions between things. This is important because it us a system that helps level everything out instead of promoting greatness. Nietzsche By rosast6\r\n'

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'The Lost Symbol Chapter 62-66\r'

'CHAPTER 62\r\nIm under(a)(a) Second Street.\r\nLangdons eyeb every remained tightly exclude as the conveyor rumbled through the gentle toward the Adams Building. He did his shell non to kayoedline the tons of earth e veryplacehead and the set tube through which he was at unity condemnation traveling. He could hear Katherine breathing close to(prenominal) yards ahead of him, solely so far, she had non telled a word.\r\nShes in shock. Langdon was non aspect forward to telling her intimately her comrades severed hand. You establish to, Robert. She implys to k immediately.\r\nâ€Å"Katherine?” Langdon lastly verbalize, without granting his eyes. â€Å" atomic number 18 you okay?”\r\nA tremulous, disembodied junction replied s sw everyowlyw here(predicate) up ahead. â€Å"Robert, the benefit youre carrying. Its dents, isnt it?”\r\nâ€Å"Yes,” Langdon replied.\r\nA bulky dummy up followed. â€Å"I commemorate . . . that pr ofit is wherefore my mother was dispatch.”\r\nLangdon was well aw atomic number 18 that Isabel Solomon had been murdered ten long cartridge clip ago, besides he didnt k straightaway the details, and cock had neer menti onenessd eitherthing closely a benefit. â€Å"What are you talking or so?”\r\nKatherines voice filled with sense as she recounted the harrowing eventidets of that night, how the tat alsoed slice had broken into their estate. â€Å"It was a long time ago, plainly Ill never for conk out that he de military gayded a gain. He utter he hear slightly the pyramid in prison, from my nephew, Zachary . . . decline in the first place he killed him.”\r\nLangdon listened in amazement. The tragedy inside the Solomon family was almost beyond belief. Katherine continued, telling Langdon that she had incessantly believed the intruder was killed that night . . . that is, until this very(prenominal) populace had resurfaced today, posing as Pet ers psychiatrist and luring Katherine to his home. â€Å"He knew mystic things on the button about my brother, my mothers death, and even my work,” she state anxiously, â€Å"things he could altogether remove intimate from my brother. And so I trusted him . . . and thats how he got inside the Smithsonian Museum Support Center.” Katherine took a unintelligible breath and told Langdon she was nearly original the man had destroyed her lab tonight.\r\nLangdon listened in utter shock. For several moments, the two of them lay unitedly in silence on the pathetic conveyor. Langdon knew he had an obligation to share with Katherine the wait of tonights terrible news. He began slowly, and as softly as he possibly could he told her how her brother had entrusted him with a undersize humankind of ground familys earlier, how Langdon had been tricked into bringing this large bucks to capital letter tonight, and finally, about her brothers hand having been make up i n the Rotunda of the Capitol Building.\r\nKatherines reaction was deafening silence.\r\nLangdon could tell she was reeling, and he wished he could reach out and pull her, but lying determination to end in the narrow blackness make it impossible. â€Å"Peters okay,” he whispered. â€Å"Hes active, and well get him back.” Langdon tried to possess her hope. â€Å"Katherine, his captor promised me your brother would be re glum alive . . . as long as I decipher the pyramid for him.”\r\nStill Katherine express nonhing.\r\nLangdon kept talking. He told her about the mark pyramid, its masonic cipher, the sealed cap stone, and, of course, about Bellamys claims that this pyramid was in fact the masonic pyramid of legend . . . a map that go appearanceed the privacy place of a long handbuild stairway that led cryptical into the earth . . . d declare hundreds of feet to a mystical antiquated entertain that had been buried in capital letter long ago.\r\nKatheri ne finally spoke, but her voice was flat and emotionless. â€Å"Robert, open your eyes.”\r\nOpen my eyes? Langdon had no desire to have even the slightest glimpse of how cramped this quad genuinely was.\r\nâ€Å"Robert!” Katherine demanded, urgently instantly. â€Å"Open your eyes! Were here!”\r\nLangdons eyes flew open as his remains emerged through an opening similar to the one it had entered at the other end. Katherine was already move up mangle the conveyor belt. She lifted his day grip pip the belt as Langdon swung his legs oer the frame in and jumped down onto the tile floor equitable in time, before the conveyor turned the corner and headed back the way it came. The space around them was a circulation room a covey homogeneous the one they had arise from in the other building. A small point read ADAMS BUILDING: CIRCULATION ROOM 3. Langdon matte worry he had sound emerged from some kind of subterranean birth canal. born(p) again. He turne d immediately to Katherine. â€Å" atomic number 18 you okay?”\r\nHer eyes were red, and she had obviously been crying, but she nodded with a resolute stoicism. She picked up Langdons daybag and carried it crosswise the room without a word, setting it on a cluttered desk. She lit the desks halogen hug lamp, unzipped the bag, folded down the sides, and peered inside.\r\nThe granite pyramid looked almost knockout in the clean halogen light. Katherine ran her fingers over the sculptured masonic cipher, and Langdon sensed deep emotion churning indoors her. Slowly, she reached into the daybag and pulled out the cuboid package. She held it under the light, examining it closely.\r\nâ€Å"As you can see,” Langdon lightly give tongue to, â€Å"the wax seal is embossed with Peters masonic ring. He said this ring was apply to seal the package more than than a century ago.”\r\nKatherine said nothing.\r\nâ€Å"When your brother entrusted the package to me,” Lan gdon told her, â€Å"he said it would give me the causality to create mark out of chaos. Im not entirely sure what that means, but Ive got to require the capstone reveals something important, because Peter was insistent that it not fall into the wrong hands. Mr. Bellamy just told me the alike(p) thing, urging me to hide the pyramid and not let anyone open the package.”\r\nKatherine turned now, looking angry. â€Å"Bellamy told you not to open the package?”\r\nâ€Å"Yes. He was adamant.”\r\nKatherine looked incredulous. â€Å"But you said this capstone is the only way we can decipher the pyramid, castigate?”\r\nâ€Å"Probably, yes.”\r\nKatherines voice was rising now. â€Å"And you said deciphering the pyramid is what you were told to do. Its the only way we can get Peter back, overcompensate?”\r\nLangdon nodded.\r\nâ€Å" thusly, Robert, why wouldnt we open the package and decipher this thing right now?!”\r\nLangdon didnt know how to respond. â€Å"Katherine, I had the same exact reaction, and and Bellamy told me that keeping this pyramids unknown inviolate was more important than anything . . . including your brothers life.”\r\nKatherines middling features hardened, and she tucked a wisp of hair coffin nail her ears. When she spoke, her voice was resolved. â€Å"This stone pyramid, whatever it is, has equal me my entire family. First my nephew, Zachary, then my mother, and now my brother.And lets face it, Robert, if you hadnt called tonight to warn me . . .”\r\nLangdon could touch sensation himself trapped between Katherines logic and Bellamys sozzled urging.\r\nâ€Å"I may be a scientist,” she said, â€Å"but I also come from a family of well-known Masons. Believe me, Ive heard all the stories about the Masonic profit and its promise of some great treasure that will enlighten mankind. Honestly, I feel it hard to imagine such a thing exists. However, if it does exist . . . perhaps its time to unveil it.” Katherine slid a finger infra the old twine on the package.\r\nLangdon jumped. â€Å"Katherine, no! Wait!”\r\nShe pa employ, but her finger remained down the stairs the string. â€Å"Robert, Im not going to let my brother die for this. Whatever this capstone says . . . whatever lost treasures this engraving might reveal . . . those hole-and-corner(a)s end tonight.”\r\nWith that, Katherine yanked defiantly on the twine, and the brittle wax seal exploded.\r\nCHAPTER 63\r\nIn a quiet neighborhood just west of Embassy Row in Washington, on that point exists a medieval-style walled garden whose rises, it is said, spring from twelfth-century plants. The gardens Carderock summerhouseâ€known as Shadow endureâ€sits elegantly amid meandering pathways of stones dug from George Washingtons private quarry.\r\nTonight the silence of the gardens was broken by a young man who rush along through the wooden gate, shouting as he came .\r\nâ€Å"Hello?” he called out, spin to see in the moonlight. â€Å"Are you in here?”\r\nThe voice that replied was frail, barely audible. â€Å"In the gazebo . . . just taking some air.”\r\nThe young man found his shriveled superior seated on the stone bench beneath a blanket. The round- get uped old man was tiny, with elfin features. The years had bent him in two and stolen his eyesight, but his soul remained a force to be reckoned with.\r\nCatching his breath, the young man told him, â€Å"I just . . . took a call . . . from your colleague . . . Warren Bellamy.”\r\nâ€Å"Oh?” The old man perked up. â€Å" closely what?”\r\nâ€Å"He didnt say, but he sounded like he was in a big hurry. He told me he left you a message on your voice mail, which you need to listen to right away.”\r\nâ€Å"Thats all he said?”\r\nâ€Å" no. quite.” The young man paused. â€Å"He told me to ask you a question.” A very strange q uestion. â€Å"He said he needed your response right away.”\r\nThe old man leaned closer. â€Å"What question?”\r\nAs the young man spoke Mr. Bellamys question, the give way that crossed the old mans face was visual even in the moonlight. Immediately, he threw off his blanket and began struggling to his feet.\r\nâ€Å"Please answer me inside. Right away.”\r\nCHAPTER 64\r\nNo more orphics, thought Katherine Solomon.\r\nOn the table in front of her, the wax seal that had been intact for generations now lay in pieces. She done for(p) removing the worn brown paper from her brothers cute package. Beside her, Langdon looked decidedly uneasy.\r\nFrom at heart the paper, Katherine extracted a small package made of gray stone. Resembling a polished granite cube, the package had no hinges, no latch, and no apparent way inside. It reminded Katherine of a Chinese puzzle package.\r\nâ€Å"It looks like a solid block,” she said, running her fingers over the edges. â€Å"Are you sure the X- ray showed it was hollow? With a capstone inside?”\r\nâ€Å"It did,” Langdon said, moving side by side(p) to Katherine and scrutinizing the mysterious box. He and Katherine peered at the box from different angles, attempting to find a way in.\r\nâ€Å"Got it,” Katherine said as her fingernail located the privy slit along one of the boxs abstract edges. She set the box down on the desk and then carefully pried open the lid, which rose smoothly, like the top of a delightful jewelry box.\r\nWhen the lid fell back, Langdon and Katherine twain drew audible breaths. The interior of the box seemed to be glowing. The inside was shining with an almost supernatural effulgence. Katherine had never seen a piece of gold this large, and it took her an instant to realize that the strange metal was exclusively reflecting the radiance of the desk lamp.\r\nâ€Å"Its spectacular,” she whispered. scorn being sealed in a dark stone cub e for over a century, the capstone had not faded or tarnished in any way. coin resists the entropic laws of decay; thats one of the reasons the ancients considered it magical. Katherine felt her twinkling quicken as she leaned forward, peering down over the small golden point. â€Å"Theres an dedication.”\r\nLangdon moved closer, their shoulders now touching. His blue eyes flashed with curiosity. He had told Katherine about the ancient Greek practice of creating a symbolonâ€a code broken into splitâ€and how this capstone, long separated from the pyramid itself, would halt the key to deciphering the pyramid. Allegedly, this inscription, whatever it said, would bring order from this chaos.\r\nKatherine held the little box up to the light and peered straight down over the capstone.\r\nthough small, the inscription was perfectly visibleâ€a small bit of elegantly carve text on the face of one side. Katherine read the six simple dustup.\r\nthence she read them again .\r\nâ€Å"No!” she declared. â€Å"That cant be what it says!”\r\ncrosswise the street, Director Sato hurried up the long walkway outside the Capitol Building toward her get together point on First Street. The modify from her field team had been unacceptable. No Langdon. No pyramid. No capstone. Bellamy was in custody, but he was not telling them the truth. At least not yet.\r\nIll make him talk.\r\nShe glanced back over her shoulder at one of Washingtons newest vistasâ€the Capitol loft framed above the new visitant center. The illuminated dome only accentuated the substance of what was truly at stake tonight. on the hook(predicate) times.\r\nSato was relieved to hear her cell band ring and see her analysts ID on the screen.\r\nâ€Å"Nola,” Sato answered. â€Å"What have you got?”\r\nNola Kaye gave her the bad news. The roentgen ray of the capstones inscription was too faint to read, and the image-enhancing filters had not helped. Shit. Sato ch ewed at her lip. â€Å"How about the sixteen-letter gridiron?” â€Å"Im dumb trying,” Nola said, â€Å"but so far Ive found no vicarious encryption scheme thats applicable. Ive got a data processor reshuffling the letters in the grid and looking for anything identifiable, but there are over twenty trillion possibilities.”\r\nâ€Å" reside on it. Let me know.” Sato hung up, scowling. Her hopes of deciphering the pyramid employ only a photograph and X-ray were fading fast. I need that pyramid and capstone . . . and Im running out of time.\r\nSato arrived at First Street just as a black Escalade SUV with dark windows roared across the double yellow and skidded to a stop in front of her at their rendezvous point. A lone means got out.\r\nâ€Å"Any word yet on Langdon?” Sato demanded.\r\nâ€Å"Confidence is high,” the man said, emotionless. â€Å"Backup just arrived. All library exits are surrounded. We even have air support orgasm in. W ell flush him with tear gas, and hell have nowhere to run.”\r\nâ€Å"And Bellamy?”\r\nâ€Å"Tied up in the backseat.”\r\nGood. Her shoulder was still smarting.\r\nThe ingredient handed Sato a plastic Ziploc bag containing cell phone, keys, and wallet. â€Å"Bellamys effects.”\r\nâ€Å" zilch else?”\r\nâ€Å"No, maam. The pyramid and package must still be with Langdon.”\r\nâ€Å"Okay,” Sato said. â€Å"Bellamy knows plenty hes not telling. Id like to question him personally.”\r\nâ€Å"Yes, maam. To Langley, then?”\r\nSato took a deep breath and paced a moment beside the SUV. exact protocols governed the interrogation of U.S. civilians, and questioning Bellamy was highly iniquitous unless it was done at Langley on boob tube with witnesses, attorneys, blah, blah, blah . . . â€Å"Not Langley,” she said, trying to think of somewhere closer. And more private.\r\nThe agent said nothing, contributeing at attention be side the faineance SUV, waiting for orders.\r\nSato lit a cigarette, took a long drag, and gazed down at the Ziploc bag of Bellamys items. His key ring, she had noticed, included an electronic pull someones leg adorned with four lettersâ€USBG. Sato knew, of course, which governing building this fob accessed. The building was very close and, at this hour, very private. She smiled and pocketed the fob. Perfect.\r\nWhen she told the agent where she wanted to take Bellamy, she expected the man to look surprised, but he simply nodded and opened the passenger door for her, his nipping stare revealing nothing.\r\nSato loved professionals.\r\nLangdon stood in the basement of the Adams Building and stared in incredulity at the elegantly inscribed words on the face of the golden capstone.\r\nThats all it says?\r\nBeside him, Katherine held the capstone under the light and shake her head. â€Å"Theres got to be more,” she insisted, sounding cheated. â€Å"This is what my brother has been protect all these years?”\r\nLangdon had to admit he was mystified. According to Peter and Bellamy, this capstone was sibylline to help them decipher the stone pyramid. In light of those claims, Langdon had expected something illuminating and helpful. overmuch like obvious and useless. Once again, he read the six words exquisitely inscribed on the face of the capstone.\r\nThe\r\nsecret hides\r\nwithin The Order\r\nThe secret hides within The Order?\r\nAt first glance, the inscription appeared to be stating the obviousâ€that the letters on the pyramid were out of â€Å"order” and that their secret lay in finding their straight-laced sequence. This reading, however, in addition to being self-evident, seemed improbable for another reason. â€Å"The words the and order are capitalized,” Langdon said.\r\nKatherine nodded blankly. â€Å"I cut that.”\r\nThe secret hides within The Order. Langdon could think of only one dianoetic implication. ” `The Order must be referencing the Masonic Order.”\r\nâ€Å"I agree,” Katherine said, â€Å"but its still no help. It tells us nothing.”\r\nLangdon had to concur. by and byward all, the entire story of the Masonic Pyramid revolved around a secret hole-and-corner(a) within the Masonic Order.\r\nâ€Å"Robert, didnt my brother tell you this capstone would give you power to see order where others saw only chaos?”\r\nHe nodded in frustration. For the second time tonight, Robert Langdon was feeling unworthy.\r\nCHAPTER 65\r\nOnce Malakh had finished dealing with his unhoped visitorâ€a female security measures guard from Preferred Securityâ€he fixed the paint on the window through which she had glimpsed his sacred work space.\r\nNow, locomote out of the soft blue stupor of the basement, he emerged through a hidden doorway into his living room. Inside, he paused, admiring his spectacular painting of the Three Graces and savoring the known sme lls and sounds of his home.\r\nSoon I will be leaving forever. Malakh knew that after tonight he would be unable to return to this place. After tonight, he thought, smiling, I will have no need for this place.\r\nHe wondered if Robert Langdon yet understood the true power of the pyramid . . . or the importance of the role for which good deal had chosen him. Langdon has yet to call me, Malakh thought, after double-checking for messages on his disposable phone. It was now 10:02 P.M. He has less than two hours.\r\nMalakh went up the stairs to his Italian-marble bathroom and turned on the steam clean shower to let it heat up. Methodically, he stripped off his clothes, eager to demoralise his cleansing ritual.\r\nHe drank two supply of water to calm his starving stomach. Then he walked to the full-length mirror and canvas his naked body. His two days of desist had accentuated his musculature, and he could not help but admire that which he had become. By dawn, I will be so much mor e.\r\nCHAPTER 66\r\nâ€Å"We should get out of here,” Langdon said to Katherine. â€Å"Its only a matter of time before they figure out where we are.” He hoped Bellamy had managed to escape.\r\nKatherine still seemed fixated on the gold capstone, looking incredulous that the inscription was so unhelpful. She had interpreted the capstone out of the box, examined every side, and was now carefully spewting it back in the box.\r\nThe secret hides within The Order, Langdon thought. Big help.\r\nLangdon found himself wondering now if perhaps Peter had been misinformed about the contents of the box. This pyramid and capstone had been created long before Peter was born, and Peter was simply doing as his forefathers had told him, keeping a secret that was probably as much a mystery to him as it was to Langdon and Katherine.\r\nWhat did I expect? Langdon wondered. The more he lettered tonight about the Legend of the Masonic Pyramid, the less plausible it all seemed. Im probin g for a hidden spiral staircase covered by a considerable stone? Something told Langdon he was chasing shadows. Nonetheless, deciphering this pyramid seemed his best chance at saving Peter.\r\nâ€Å"Robert, does the year 1514 mean anything to you?”\r\nFifteen-fourteen? The question seemed apropos of nothing. Langdon shrugged. â€Å"No. Why?”\r\nKatherine handed him the stone box. â€Å"Look. The box is dated. Have a look under the light.”\r\nLangdon took a seat at the desk and analyze the cube-shaped box beneath the light. Katherine put a soft hand on his shoulder, leaning in to point out the tiny text she had found cut on the exterior of the box, near the screw corner of one side.\r\nâ€Å"Fifteen-fourteen A.D.,” she said, pointing into the box.\r\nSure enough, the newspaper clipping depicted the number 1514, followed by an unaccustomed stylization of the letters A and D.\r\nâ€Å"This date,” Katherine was saying, sounding suddenly hopeful, à ¢â‚¬Å"maybe its the link were wanting(p)? This dated cube looks a lot like a Masonic tail, so maybe its pointing to a real cornerstone? Maybe to a building construct in 1514 A.D.?”\r\nLangdon barely heard her.\r\nFifteen-fourteen A.D. is not a date.\r\nThe symbol , as any scholar of medieval art would recognize, was a well-known symbatureâ€a symbol used in place of a signature. many another(prenominal) of the early philosophers, artists, and authors signed their work with their own unique symbol or monogram kind of than their name. This practice added a mysterious allure to their work and also protected them from persecution should their belles-lettres or artwork be deemed counterestablishment.\r\nIn the case of this symbature, the letters A.D. did not stand for Anno Domini . . . they were German for something else entirely.\r\nLangdon instantly saw all the pieces fall into place. Within seconds, he was certain he knew exactly how to decipher the pyramid. â€Å"Kathe rine, you did it,” he said, packing up. â€Å"Thats all we needed. Lets go. Ill explain on the way.”\r\nKatherine looked amazed. â€Å"The date 1514 A.D. actually means something to you?”\r\nLangdon winked at her and headed for the door. â€Å"A.D. isnt a date, Katherine. Its a person.”\r\n'

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'E-commerce: Business Logic and Amanda Jane\r'

' submission The purpose of this report is to examine e- mer tramptile body and in any case to give a broad strategy that should be interpreted by Amanda Jane Horse Wear. Besides that, it is also to supply suggestion to the highest degree suitable e-commerce that Amanda Jane should adopt. Firstly, a slight summary of the case study, Amanda Jane Horse Wear allow foring be illustrated with the main problem that lead be identified. Next, a brief description of e-commerce in call of definition, government issue and benefits and the ongoing trends leave be explained as a part of e-commerce analysis.The relationship between e-commerce and study carcasss which are information, people and procedure will be illustrate in formation specification. Recommendation ab out(p) ways to implement e-commerce and separate suggestion to Amanda will be outlined in recommendation. There will a conclusion of this report at the end. flat coat Amanda Jane Walters owns a subtle growing pe rsonal credit line cognize as Amanda Jane Horse Wear which sells limited come of horse riding apparel items. But Amanda’s crossroad is not available to other specialist retail stores.Her parentage has steadily developed and clear a reasonable income because she back end compete with other suppliers. Her gross revenue are mainly during horse events and by means of previous guest’s recommendation. Besides that, her advert is limited to specific clubs and organisations. The main problem of Amanda Jane is deficient of online service since node’s desire towards it has increased. The issue that has been identified is ways e-commerce will boost the sales and take upion that should be taken. eCommerce Systems The meaning of eCommerce Change in economy and bloodline dish out in record is cognize as e-commerce (Ratnasingam 2002).According to Walczuch, Braven & Lundgren (2000), electronic commerce is involving telecommunications ne cardinalrk in sustai ning agate line relationship, distributing business organisation instruction and for business transactions. In simple, E-commerce is marketing exchange via internet, vigorous or other telecommunication (Elliott, Rundle-Thiele & Waller 2012). E-commerce that clients film directly with an organization is cognize as Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce. Benefits meliorate customer Services Customer service is the timber of service the organizations provide to customers while increasing sales.According to Ratnasingam (2002) take of satisfaction the customer has increased after business adopt e-commerce. This will result in customer’s loyalty and purchasing behaviors. For example, Virtual Vineyards, a wine and specialty food shop only when present on the internet is one of the sure-fire cases. Cost savings E-commerce applications will dish to edit passing(a) basis operations cost of producing and distributing the growth, fashion of paperwork and making bills payment (Ratnasingam 2002). Motorola and Dell companies gather customer orders for a product; set out them by e-mail to the manufactures.No more 24-hour-time constraints Customers locoweed be contacted at any time by companies and this will avail to save from losing customers. net profit chiffonier provide seasonable information to substance abusers which the customers because of its capability for instantaneous communication, and its accessibility for 24 hours a day. This means more communication kindle gain customer satisfaction and quicker responses so it helps to increase the sales (Kuzic, Fisher & Scollary 2002). demote line servement On a daily basis manufacture involve in elapse on gash, regulating and book-keeping for product inventory.Through internet inventory control system or sufficees can be made simpler or eliminate also at the same time are able to manage inventory as a consequence can ensure that there will be no huge stockpiles of inventory, whereas all together reduce out of stock circumstances. Lower telecommunications cost Value tallyed networks (VANs) oftentimes expensive than internet usage which were based on leasing telesound lines. It is also much cheaper to send a e-mail or fax via the Internet than direct dialling. In addition, business that dependent on Internet communication can get off long-distance phone and fax costs.Issues Lower system certification and trustworthiness There are bundle of issues a rises regarding reports of hacking entanglementsites and databases and surety holes in software. For example, there is lot of security warnings and patches for Microsoft software. some(prenominal) banking and other business websites, including Barclays Bank, and Consumers’ Association in the UK, hit experienced breaches in security where ‘a technical foul oversight’ or ‘a fault in its systems’ led to confidential client information turn available to all. Rapidly growing and ch anging engineering science Business has to follow and not be left-hand(a) at the back.Under the circumstances to keep on track and develop business fabrics to make use of the bleak opportunities which at times guide to strategy foul to the organisation. The easiness which business strategy can be copied and imitate via Internet increase that stress on longer-term competitive advantage. Problems with compatibility of overageer and ‘newer’ technology Lead to a number of businesses runway approximately two individual systems which data cannot be piece of groundd; There are problems where old organisation systems cannot communicate via internet and web based. This leads to invest in new systems, which implement the several(predicate) systems.In this situation financially costs as fountainhead as disruptive to the efficient running of organisations. present-day(prenominal) Trends and Examples in eCommerce The customers feedback is one of the latest trends are ut ilize by many organisations to improve customer service. Customer re-evaluate are direct-headed entry into social shopping, the review is corresponding an online discussion. Feedback is the outstrip way to promote your products and it will add a positive value like virago and Edmunds companies following. Sharing on Social media such as facebook and twitter intimately the particular product where eople share if they like a product its very mightily or influential way to promote. Blogging also will give a greater impact on your product achieve by helping it to remain firm out in the search engines. Blogging is hot current trend followed many people and also rattling(prenominal) implement which will help small business to compete with larger businesses. Furthermore, email marketing also utilise by many organisations to promote their product. every week or monthly basis send newsletters about their new products can gain more knowingness and keep the customer to visit the site.Besides that, live flick interaction is a latest trend and fresh three companies victimisation it in Sweden. These trends are to help consumers to ask live questions about the products from the retailers. For instance 3? s Live Shop and Cozone are victimisation live video interaction. In additional, apps on unsettled because mobile production is reaching higher level and produce more smart phones upcoming to grocery every day. It means there are fill of consumers you can get in touch by means of via mobile and make the mobile phone optimised websites for carrell phone users or create apps to boost the user experience.New advanced payment system has been developed and executes that stand secure payments which made directly on ecommerce system from any mobile device. Examples are Paypass by MasterCard, Visa, the States Express and Google’s Wallet service. System Specifications multitude Amanda Jane should involve in the system or she can hire a worker who is expert in IT to manage the system. PROCEDURES Procedure of customer obtaining the hire product is change in Amanda Jane’s current business. A client- horde model name Three- floor Architecture also known as multi-tier architecture can be utilize in this process.This model is a basic model that segment components into three tiers of services, which are the user tier, emcee tier and database tier. User Tier boniface Tier selective informationbase Tier Web Client Web host Database Server Computers that have requested browser and process web varlets besides present and permits the data is known as user tier (Kroenke,Bunker & Wilson 2012).The two main types are traditional application and the Web-based application. Server tier also referred as business logical system tier that consists of web server that support pick sharing and process application programs (Kroenke,Bunker & Wilson 2012). These components is used to enforce business rules (legal or governmen tal regulations) and data rules (consists data structures databases). According to Kroenke,Bunker & Wilson (2012), database tier is unquestionable DBMS access layer that processes SQL request consists heal and store data that support resource sharing.Through this model, Amanda Jane customer can click on the web page and then find a product which the server will transmit the information of the products. The client can also select and order the product need and make online payment. After that, the server will send a confirmation email on the product selected to the customer and another copy to admin. Now, the admin will process the transaction payment, inventory process and arrange for exile to the relevant customer. The similar process will fall out to every customer according to their needs of the product.DATA Data is an important component for both customers and business. From customers view, it allows them to know about the business and their activities (Kohavi, Mason, Pa rekh & Zheng 2004). For that, the website should display availability, description and wrong of horse products and activities of Amanda Jane’s business. On the business posture view, customers registration code, customers information and creation of individual admittance are important for customers to place order and for business to target market segments. RecommendationsConsidering the benefits of e-commerce, it will help her business to improve. Amanda Jane can use the parallel conversion onrush to implement e-commerce in her business. Parallel conversion is using both (old and new) system at the same in the beginning. This is to ensure that there are no errors or problems with the new system. Even when the new system is introduced the old system continues running. Although the approach cost high since running two separate system but Amanda can compare both system to benchmark and m its effectiveness.Besides that, since old system continues to function with the new system it helps to minimizes the risks of operational and data-processing failures. Conclusion Amanda Jane should direct her business towards e-commerce because it is the best solution to boost her sales. Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce is will help business since the world is moving towards online trading and the usage of telecommunication has increased. Benefits of e-commerce are Improved Customer Services, Cost savings, No more 24-hour-time constraints, Better inventory management and lower telecommunications cost.While the issues in e-commerce are lower system security and trustworthiness, Rapidly growing and changing technology and Problems with compatibility of older and ‘newer’ technology Business must understand system specification to implement ecommerce. System specification is laborious on the people, procedure using Three-Tier Architecture and data. grounds and implementing e-commerce in the right way is important for a business success. In addit ion, Amanda Jane’s business is small business so it is a good excerpt to use parallel conversion for smaller systems with exist infrastructure use.\r\n'

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'History of African American Music\r'

'The autobiography of African American music has been characterized by a scuffleture among various forms of music. Country blues, urban blues, invigorated Orleans Jazz, Bebop, large-scale-band jazz, and rhythm and blues, have totally influenced each other(a) profoundly. These influences flowed back and forth among the various forms. But, threatening religious doctrine music had only a precise limited effect on popular styles, until a few church-trained operatives, such as Sam Cooke and radiotherapy Charles, began to hold back gospel styling into their popular work.The result is commonly described as â€Å" soul music,” a mix of blues, rhythm and blues, and gospel junctions. But, if Ray Charles was iodine of the â€Å"originators” of soul music, â€Å"Aretha Franklin reshaped it,” by bringing even more of her gospel background to bear on secular manage songs (Wade and Picardie 27). By combining popular elements with her stunning voice, her cracki ng musicianship, and the feeling for a song that she learned in church, Aretha became one of the great soul singers to ever live. Aretha Franklin is a well-known pop, R&B, and gospel singer.She has been nicknamed â€Å"The fairy of Soul” and is an internationally known artist and a symbol of pride in the African American community. Her popularity so ard in 1967 when she released an album containing songs â€Å"I Never love a Man”, â€Å"Respect”, and â€Å"Baby I Love You. ” Throughout her career she has achieved fifteen Grammy Awards, invigoration story Achievement Award, National Academy of Recording liberal arts and Sciences Legend Awards, and many Grammy residence of Fame Awards. In 1987 she became the source woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.Time magazine chose her as one of the close to influential artists and entertainers of the 20th century. She sang at Dr. Martin Luther King’s funeral and at former President B ill Clinton’s inaugural party. Although she has all these accomplishments and awards t present are other reasons that have driven Franklin to fame and landed her on the scarer cover of Time magazine on June 28, 1968. The reasons I believe allowed Aretha Franklin to become so successful are the following: Her family’s interlocking with piety, the inspiring pile that surrounded her, and the inconvenience she suffered.It is recognise that because her family’s involvement with religion would be one reason why Aretha Franklin became as illustrious as a evangel singer. Some people would say that her love for religion is unbeliev able, but after researching her childhood it is very believable. Her father, elevated Clarence LaVaugh Franklin lived in Shelby Mississippi and preached while living the life of a sharecropper. As soon as he had enough money, he would move to Memphis, Tennessee to become a pastor of cardinal churches. After a yoke of eld he attende d LeMoyne College, and he canvas Education and English Literature.With his education he was able to bring a more liberal image to his preaching’s. Then he moved the family to Buffalo, brisk York. When he had the resources, he moved the family again to Detroit, loot were he settled and became a pastor of a churched called New Bethel Baptist Church. He quickly became one of the most famous pastors in the city of Detroit. Aretha was two years old when they made their final move, she would grow up here and grab the emotion of Church and incorporate it into her music. Aretha Franklin’s ma, Barbara V. Skaggers, served as choir director and pianist.Aretha describes her florists chrysanthemum as â€Å"a Superb singer, her voice was clear and distinctive”. (Franklin and Ritz, 6) Her parents taught her how to sing with great pride. This was a big issue because the late ‘50s, early ‘60s was a metre of turmoil for African Americans. Her father especially tried to in lifelessness pride into her. He was a civilian nears activist and he was a close gent with Dr. Martin Luther King. With her parents keeping her tough in Church she was butt on to become one of the world’s greatest singers. At around age 12, the father know Aretha’s natural endowment as a singer.So he took her on the road with his traveling gospel show. This was classical because it shows the kind of support Aretha received from her family. It was said, â€Å"She was a spellbind performer at the age of quaternteen. ” (Franklin, 3) So her family very supported and inspired her to become a gospel singer. What also made her a great artist was that she had inspiring people all around her. Aretha grew up in Detroit which at the time was a be active city or a city of trust for the African Americans running away from the brutality of the South.Though Detroit becalm had its problems such as race riots, many famous musicians grew up there. Also since New Bethel Baptist Church was so prominent, many musicians and semipolitical leaders used grand Franklin’s pulpit as a program to sing or express to the Black’s of Detroit. Aretha was introduced to classical music by Smokey Robinson’s babe Sylvia Burston. She listened to well known local DJ’s like Ruth Brown and Senator Brystal Brown. When Aretha was younger, she would ride her hertz to the local park, and on her way home she would chuck up the sponge by a night club where you could here B.B. King perform. She says, â€Å"You could hear the soft sound of his guitar all the way to the sidewalk (Franklin and Ritz, 22). National and local political leaders would give there speeches. Speakers such as Dr. Adam Clayton Powell, Sr. , Dr. Martin Luther King, and Reverend Jesse Jackson would speak strongly to the church. Aretha was directly influenced by Miriam Anderson, Sammy Davis, and Roy Wilkins. Detroit was overflowing with talent and speakers which I believe also contributed to Aretha’s success.Pain was in all likelihood what really drove Aretha Franklin’s success. As state before, Franklin’s family was highly religious and was continually involved in the Church. But that doesn’t mean that she hadn’t been through a tremendous amount of pain. early(a) in life her mother and father got a divorce. The father was better suitable to raise Aretha and her four Siblings. The mother moved to Buffalo, New York and tried to brace regular visits to see her children. She was supported her children in the surpass way she could, but when Aretha needed her, she still was not reachable.Matters became worst a few years subsequent when Aretha’s mom dies of a stroke. Aretha described her mom by saying â€Å"she was the absolute lady” (Smith, 3). At age 15 she had her first child and two years later another would come. But Aretha still wanted to go out and be with friends, so her grandm other usually babysat for her periodically. In a time when Black Activism, Feminism, and Sexual Liberation were high, she needed to bring home the bacon for herself. So when Aretha was old enough and was ready to outgrowth performing, she hired a man named Ted White to be her manager.He later became her husband. In the future she would divorce him for a famous actor which would end in divorce, too. even up though in 1968 to 1969, Franklin’s career was raise rapidly. She was still described by her Producer Jerry Wexler as â€Å"a person whose depressions runs deeper than the sea” (Ritchie Unterberger, 3). Then one of Franklin’s highest admirers, gospel giant Mahalia Jackson died. Right after her death a extremely ablaze gospel album was released my Aretha â€Å"Amazing Grace” This drop was considered to be one of the most emotional records of its time.Much of the pain that Aretha suffered was not really publicized, but still it had to be one of the r easons for her to have such a powerful voice. Aretha Franklin was a successful artist and still inspires musicians today. Her voice is still described as incredible. She has all the awards that she demand to show her talent. Works cited Franklin, Aretha, and David Ritz. Aretha: From These Roots. New York: Villard, 1999. shanghai. Carroll, Jillian. Aretha Franklin. Chicago: Raintree, 2004. Print\r\n'

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'Report On Aspects of Employment Covered by Law Essay\r'

'Britain has a deficit crisis, from which the only escape route, is economic growth. Growth necessarily to be encour hop ond in every stylus possible. I’m now working in health and Social C be, it’s my first handicraft here in the UK.I find that here in Great Britain has loads of jackpoton designed to stop that in correspondity on certain reason is un lawful, and also cheer workers like me.\r\nThis topic will entomb puts of aspects of employment covered by lay intimatelyon germane(predicate) to this area, outlining why legislation relating to employment exists and the list of sources of information and advice about employment responsibilities and remedys:\r\nThe comparison form 2010\r\nThe Equality Act 2010 consolidates the previous 9 pieces of equality legislation ground on encourageed characteristics to create, for the first metre in Great Britain, unified equality legislation. The nine protected characteristics are: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civilianized partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, come alive and cozy orientation. Among opposite things, the Act simplifies or clarifies the definitions of direct discrimination (including association and perception), indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation and extends compulsory equality duties to public authorities which must find due regard to the indigence to eliminate discrimination, come on equality of opportunity, and foster good relations amongst different groups. The definition of disability under the law has changed such that a mortal who ahs a â€Å" corporeal or mental impairment that has long-term unfavorable effect on their ability don’t r each(prenominal) to show that their impairment affects a specific capacity. The definition of gender reassignment has also been change-stating that this apply to â€Å" a person who is proposing to undergo, is undergoing or has underg i process to change their sex”.\r\nSex variety Act 1975\r\nThe Sexual difference Act of 1975 was introduced to protect individuals from discrimination on the grounds of gender. Sexual Discrimination can take m both a(prenominal) forms. It is essential to understand that sexual discrimination is judged to be unwanted attention by the victim of the behaviour, non the perpetrator.\r\nDiscrimination was set out in devil forms:\r\nDirect Discrimination- simply stated that one person is treated less favourably than another based on gender. Indirect Discrimination â€on the other is quit complex, this takes place if a requirement or condition is imposed, which has nothing to with gender but in practices.\r\nThe Sex Discrimination Act also do it unlawful; to discriminate on the ground of marital status.\r\nEqual Pay Act 1970/1975\r\nIt simply states that work force and Women should receive equal profits for work of equal value.\r\nHuman Rights Act 1998\r\nThe Human Right Act 1998 wa s introduced by Parliament and came into force in October 200. in that wonder are different article in this Act. Theses completelyow:\r\nArticle 2- everyone’s right to life shall be protected by law. Article 3- no one shall be subjected to degrading treatment. Article 5- everyone has the right to self-reliance and security of a person. Article 8-eeryone has the right to respect for his private and family life and his correspondence. Article 9- everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Article 12- men and women of marriageable age have the right to marry and found a family. Article 14- the enjoyment of these rights and freedoms set forth in this Convention shall be secured without discrimination on any ground.\r\nPolice and Criminal Evidence Act 1984\r\nEstablishes the rights of all people arrested by the police. Detainees have the right to legal advice and right to notify person who is likely interested in their welfaire.\r\nCivil Partners hip Act 2004\r\nThis establishes the right of same sex couples to enter into a civil partnership. This is not marriage but is a kin of combining weight seriousness and commitment.\r\nHealth and safety device\r\nHealth and guard is important to every work that we do. The legislation of health and synthetic rubberty is generally covered by statutory regulations. These legislations are:\r\nHealth and safeguard at Work Act 19 74\r\nEmployers have a work to ensure the health and proficientty at work for all employees, leave behind and guard equipment and transcription in safe condition and provide information, training and supervision relating to health and safety at work. Managers have the duty to maintain a safe working environment for all staff, ensuring that staffs follow policies, procedures and instructions. legislate well information about hazard and safe working to new members of staff and also to report or record any accidents. Employees have duty to follow rules and regulation at work, ensure that they accustom materials in recommended procedures and not misuses anything provided for health ,safety and welfare.\r\nFood Safety Act 1990\r\nThis applies wherever pabulum is supplied other than indoors a family situation. This Act is a wide ranging piece of legislation which strengthened and updated existing laws relevant to food and safety.\r\nHolidays\r\nAnnual leave entitlements should be agreed when an employee starts work, expatiate of holidays and holiday pay should be found in the employee’s written statement or set out of employment. near workers are legally empower to 5.6 weeks delve holiday per year (this is dwelln as statutory entitlement). Part time worker are entitled to the same amount of holiday (pro rota) as serious time colleagues. Employers can set the times when workers can take their leave †for example a Christmas leave out down. If employment ends workers have the right to be gainful for any leave due b ut not taken. There is no legal right to paying public holidays\r\nEqual pay\r\nEmployers must give men and women equal treatment in the price and conditions of their employment turn off if they are employed to do: ‘like work’ †work that is the same or broadly similar work rated as equivalent under a theorize evaluation regard\r\nWork found to be of equal value in terms of effort, skill or ratiocination making. Employees are also entitled to know how their pay is made up. For example, if there is a bonus system, everyone should know how to earn bonuses and how they are calculated.\r\nNational minimum wage\r\nMost workers in the UK over school divergence age are entitled to be pay at least the NMW. The NMW rates are reviewed each year by the Low Pay commission. Most workers will be entitled to the National Minimum Wage (NMW). Normally the NMW rate changes in October each year.\r\nThere are no exemptions according to the surface of business.\r\nHM Revenue & amp; Customs can take employers to court for not paying the NMW.\r\nII. Outlining why legislation relating to employment exist:\r\nLegislation relating to employment exists to stop exploitation of workers by their employers mainly to protect the rights of their employee’s\r\nand to make sure that they have everything they need such as:\r\n* Minimum wage\r\n* Safety standards\r\n* Holiday entitlement\r\n* Maternity leave\r\n* Redundancy payments\r\n* Discrimination laws\r\n* Maximum working hours\r\n* Age requirement\r\n all in all employees need to have all good things that protect them from unscrupulous bosses.\r\nIII. Sources of information and advice about employment and rights: * Contract- only employees have an employment curve with their employer. A contract is an agreement that sets out an employee’s:\r\nemployment conditions\r\nrights\r\nresponsibilities\r\nduties\r\nThese are called the ‘terms’ of the contract.\r\n* Hand ledger- An employee hand book, sometimes also known as an employee manual or staff handbook, is a book given to employees by an employer. Usually, the employee handbook contains information about company policies and procedures. * Policy documents †is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. A insurance policy is a statement of intent, and is implemented as a procedure or protocol. Policies are generally take by the Board of or senior government body within an organization whereas procedures or protocols would be developed and adopted by senior administrator officers.\r\n* Terms and conditions -Terms and conditions of employment are the elements of a contract which help to define the relation between an employer and an employee\r\n* theorize description †A broad, general, and written statement of a specific job, based on the findings of a job analysis. It generally includes duties, purpose, responsibilities, scope, and working conditions of a job on with the job’s title, and the name or date of the person to whom the employee reports. Job description usually forms the can of job specification.\r\n'