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'E-commerce: Business Logic and Amanda Jane\r'

' submission The purpose of this report is to examine e- mer tramptile body and in any case to give a broad strategy that should be interpreted by Amanda Jane Horse Wear. Besides that, it is also to supply suggestion to the highest degree suitable e-commerce that Amanda Jane should adopt. Firstly, a slight summary of the case study, Amanda Jane Horse Wear allow foring be illustrated with the main problem that lead be identified. Next, a brief description of e-commerce in call of definition, government issue and benefits and the ongoing trends leave be explained as a part of e-commerce analysis.The relationship between e-commerce and study carcasss which are information, people and procedure will be illustrate in formation specification. Recommendation ab out(p) ways to implement e-commerce and separate suggestion to Amanda will be outlined in recommendation. There will a conclusion of this report at the end. flat coat Amanda Jane Walters owns a subtle growing pe rsonal credit line cognize as Amanda Jane Horse Wear which sells limited come of horse riding apparel items. But Amanda’s crossroad is not available to other specialist retail stores.Her parentage has steadily developed and clear a reasonable income because she back end compete with other suppliers. Her gross revenue are mainly during horse events and by means of previous guest’s recommendation. Besides that, her advert is limited to specific clubs and organisations. The main problem of Amanda Jane is deficient of online service since node’s desire towards it has increased. The issue that has been identified is ways e-commerce will boost the sales and take upion that should be taken. eCommerce Systems The meaning of eCommerce Change in economy and bloodline dish out in record is cognize as e-commerce (Ratnasingam 2002).According to Walczuch, Braven & Lundgren (2000), electronic commerce is involving telecommunications ne cardinalrk in sustai ning agate line relationship, distributing business organisation instruction and for business transactions. In simple, E-commerce is marketing exchange via internet, vigorous or other telecommunication (Elliott, Rundle-Thiele & Waller 2012). E-commerce that clients film directly with an organization is cognize as Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce. Benefits meliorate customer Services Customer service is the timber of service the organizations provide to customers while increasing sales.According to Ratnasingam (2002) take of satisfaction the customer has increased after business adopt e-commerce. This will result in customer’s loyalty and purchasing behaviors. For example, Virtual Vineyards, a wine and specialty food shop only when present on the internet is one of the sure-fire cases. Cost savings E-commerce applications will dish to edit passing(a) basis operations cost of producing and distributing the growth, fashion of paperwork and making bills payment (Ratnasingam 2002). Motorola and Dell companies gather customer orders for a product; set out them by e-mail to the manufactures.No more 24-hour-time constraints Customers locoweed be contacted at any time by companies and this will avail to save from losing customers. net profit chiffonier provide seasonable information to substance abusers which the customers because of its capability for instantaneous communication, and its accessibility for 24 hours a day. This means more communication kindle gain customer satisfaction and quicker responses so it helps to increase the sales (Kuzic, Fisher & Scollary 2002). demote line servement On a daily basis manufacture involve in elapse on gash, regulating and book-keeping for product inventory.Through internet inventory control system or sufficees can be made simpler or eliminate also at the same time are able to manage inventory as a consequence can ensure that there will be no huge stockpiles of inventory, whereas all together reduce out of stock circumstances. Lower telecommunications cost Value tallyed networks (VANs) oftentimes expensive than internet usage which were based on leasing telesound lines. It is also much cheaper to send a e-mail or fax via the Internet than direct dialling. In addition, business that dependent on Internet communication can get off long-distance phone and fax costs.Issues Lower system certification and trustworthiness There are bundle of issues a rises regarding reports of hacking entanglementsites and databases and surety holes in software. For example, there is lot of security warnings and patches for Microsoft software. some(prenominal) banking and other business websites, including Barclays Bank, and Consumers’ Association in the UK, hit experienced breaches in security where ‘a technical foul oversight’ or ‘a fault in its systems’ led to confidential client information turn available to all. Rapidly growing and ch anging engineering science Business has to follow and not be left-hand(a) at the back.Under the circumstances to keep on track and develop business fabrics to make use of the bleak opportunities which at times guide to strategy foul to the organisation. The easiness which business strategy can be copied and imitate via Internet increase that stress on longer-term competitive advantage. Problems with compatibility of overageer and ‘newer’ technology Lead to a number of businesses runway approximately two individual systems which data cannot be piece of groundd; There are problems where old organisation systems cannot communicate via internet and web based. This leads to invest in new systems, which implement the several(predicate) systems.In this situation financially costs as fountainhead as disruptive to the efficient running of organisations. present-day(prenominal) Trends and Examples in eCommerce The customers feedback is one of the latest trends are ut ilize by many organisations to improve customer service. Customer re-evaluate are direct-headed entry into social shopping, the review is corresponding an online discussion. Feedback is the outstrip way to promote your products and it will add a positive value like virago and Edmunds companies following. Sharing on Social media such as facebook and twitter intimately the particular product where eople share if they like a product its very mightily or influential way to promote. Blogging also will give a greater impact on your product achieve by helping it to remain firm out in the search engines. Blogging is hot current trend followed many people and also rattling(prenominal) implement which will help small business to compete with larger businesses. Furthermore, email marketing also utilise by many organisations to promote their product. every week or monthly basis send newsletters about their new products can gain more knowingness and keep the customer to visit the site.Besides that, live flick interaction is a latest trend and fresh three companies victimisation it in Sweden. These trends are to help consumers to ask live questions about the products from the retailers. For instance 3? s Live Shop and Cozone are victimisation live video interaction. In additional, apps on unsettled because mobile production is reaching higher level and produce more smart phones upcoming to grocery every day. It means there are fill of consumers you can get in touch by means of via mobile and make the mobile phone optimised websites for carrell phone users or create apps to boost the user experience.New advanced payment system has been developed and executes that stand secure payments which made directly on ecommerce system from any mobile device. Examples are Paypass by MasterCard, Visa, the States Express and Google’s Wallet service. System Specifications multitude Amanda Jane should involve in the system or she can hire a worker who is expert in IT to manage the system. PROCEDURES Procedure of customer obtaining the hire product is change in Amanda Jane’s current business. A client- horde model name Three- floor Architecture also known as multi-tier architecture can be utilize in this process.This model is a basic model that segment components into three tiers of services, which are the user tier, emcee tier and database tier. User Tier boniface Tier selective informationbase Tier Web Client Web host Database Server Computers that have requested browser and process web varlets besides present and permits the data is known as user tier (Kroenke,Bunker & Wilson 2012).The two main types are traditional application and the Web-based application. Server tier also referred as business logical system tier that consists of web server that support pick sharing and process application programs (Kroenke,Bunker & Wilson 2012). These components is used to enforce business rules (legal or governmen tal regulations) and data rules (consists data structures databases). According to Kroenke,Bunker & Wilson (2012), database tier is unquestionable DBMS access layer that processes SQL request consists heal and store data that support resource sharing.Through this model, Amanda Jane customer can click on the web page and then find a product which the server will transmit the information of the products. The client can also select and order the product need and make online payment. After that, the server will send a confirmation email on the product selected to the customer and another copy to admin. Now, the admin will process the transaction payment, inventory process and arrange for exile to the relevant customer. The similar process will fall out to every customer according to their needs of the product.DATA Data is an important component for both customers and business. From customers view, it allows them to know about the business and their activities (Kohavi, Mason, Pa rekh & Zheng 2004). For that, the website should display availability, description and wrong of horse products and activities of Amanda Jane’s business. On the business posture view, customers registration code, customers information and creation of individual admittance are important for customers to place order and for business to target market segments. RecommendationsConsidering the benefits of e-commerce, it will help her business to improve. Amanda Jane can use the parallel conversion onrush to implement e-commerce in her business. Parallel conversion is using both (old and new) system at the same in the beginning. This is to ensure that there are no errors or problems with the new system. Even when the new system is introduced the old system continues running. Although the approach cost high since running two separate system but Amanda can compare both system to benchmark and m its effectiveness.Besides that, since old system continues to function with the new system it helps to minimizes the risks of operational and data-processing failures. Conclusion Amanda Jane should direct her business towards e-commerce because it is the best solution to boost her sales. Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce is will help business since the world is moving towards online trading and the usage of telecommunication has increased. Benefits of e-commerce are Improved Customer Services, Cost savings, No more 24-hour-time constraints, Better inventory management and lower telecommunications cost.While the issues in e-commerce are lower system security and trustworthiness, Rapidly growing and changing technology and Problems with compatibility of older and ‘newer’ technology Business must understand system specification to implement ecommerce. System specification is laborious on the people, procedure using Three-Tier Architecture and data. grounds and implementing e-commerce in the right way is important for a business success. In addit ion, Amanda Jane’s business is small business so it is a good excerpt to use parallel conversion for smaller systems with exist infrastructure use.\r\n'

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