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bloody shame warren is an important character in Arthur Millers play, THE CRUCIBLE. Much of the action in Act III revolves around Marys testimony in court. She is a kind and basically honest girl who tries to do the right thing, economy her friends from harm. However, throughout Acts I and II, Mary is a follower who allows Abigail Williams to negatively influence her good judgment. To make matters worse, Mary is terrified of Abigails threats. Because of her weak will, the reader isnt certain if Mary will maintain the cou smidgee to help John Proctor to win his court case in Act III. Mary Warrens basic goodness is demonstrated on many occasions. She has been hired by John Proctor to help his wife Elizabeth with household chores. Mary proves to be a kind girl who gets along well with Mrs. Proctor. Although Mary has become a court official in Salem, she still gets up early in the morning to clean the Proctors house. While in court, Mary passes the time by making Goody Proctor a prese nt of a small rag doll called a poppet. Upset by the court proceedings, Mary tells Mr. Proctor that she is "all shuddery inside" because Goody Osburn will hang. When the poppet becomes anomalous inference of witchcraft against Elizabeth, Mary willingly explains that the poppet is hers. She also makes a vain attempt to comfort John Proctor as the court officials drag his wife away in chains. A basic sense of honesty is an otherwise of Mary Warrens traits. In Act I she goes to Salem to change over Abigail to tell the truth about what really happened in the woods. When the witchcraft scare gets out of hand, Mary joins Abigail and the other girls in falsely accusing women of being witches. These false accusations are motivated by hysteria. There is evidence that Mary really believes that the women in court are bewitching her. She tells the judge that she thought she saw spirits. The other girls were screaming, and before she knew it, Mary was screaming with them. When she rea lizes that there are no spirits, Mary is willing to be truthful. After Elizabeth Proctors name is brought up in court, Mary Warren defends her against the accusation. At the end of Act II, the reader hopes that the basic sense of honesty will remain strong enough to allow Mary to testify on behalf of the accused women in Act III.

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Earths Ecosystem in Danger :: essays research papers

The study, by 1,360 experts in 95 nations, utter a rising gracious population had polluted or over-exploited two thirds of the ecological systems on which life depends, ranging from clean air to fresh water, in the past 50 years."At the boldness of this assessment is a stark warning," said the 45-member board of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment."Human activity is putting such strain on the natural functions of Earth that the dexterity of the planets ecosystems to sustain future generations can no longer be taken for granted," it said.Ten to 30 percent of mammal, bird and amphibian species were already threatened with extinction, tally to the assessment, the biggest review of the planets life support systems."Over the past 50 years, humans have changed ecosystems more rapidly and extensively than in any comparable era in human history, largely to meet rapidly growing demands for food, fresh water, timber, fibre and fuel," the report said."This has resulted in a substantial and largely irreversible evil in the diversity of life on earth," it added. More land was changed to cropland since 1945, for instance, than in the 18th and 19th centuries combined.Getting worse"The harmful consequences of this degradation could grow importantly worse in the next 50 years," it said. The report was compiled by experts, including from U.N. agencies and international scientific and development organizations.U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said the study "shows how human activities are causing environmental damage on a massive scale throughout the world, and how biodiversity -- the very basis for life on earth -- is declining at an alarming rate."The report said there was evidence that strains on nature could trigger abrupt changes like the collapse of cod fisheries off Newfoundland in Canada in 1992 after years of over-fishing. proximo changes could bring sudden outbreaks of disease. Warming of the Great Lakes in Africa due to climate change, for instance, could create conditions for a spread of cholera.And a build-up of nitrogen from fertilizers washed off cultivated land into seas could spur abrupt blooms of algae that choke fish or create oxygen-depleted "dead zones" along coasts.It said deforestation often led to less rainfall. And at some point, lack of rain could suddenly undermine growing conditions for remaining forests in a region.The report said that in 100 years, global heating widely blamed on burning of fossil fuels in cars, factories and power plants, might take over as the main source of damage.

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SmokingThe first obligate for review is titled Self-efficacy, Health locus ofControl, and Smoking. This article studies how the participants confidencelevels and health locus prior to entering treatment predicts results of thequitting program. The program is called "Fresh Start" and was conducted inVictoria, Australia. It consisted of three groups          (A) those who made an attempt (Stop for one day),          (B) those who met criteria in A, and did not smoke for durationof program,          (C) those who abstained for six months.     Confidence was tested by questionnaires (post, during and at 6-monthperiod). Health Locus is defined by how the participant attributed healthoutcomes (internal, out-of-door or by chance). The results of this experimentshowed that those individuals across the three groups who had high levels ofself-ef ficacy was related not to the number of attempts to quit, but the successof the attempts, while "the role of Health Locus of Control was found to becomplex needing further investigation" (Stuart, Borland, & McMurray, 1994, p. 1).     The second article for review is titled, Sensation Seeking, NicotineDependence, and Smoking Motivation in Female and male person Smokers. This study wasconducted using a sample of French smokers (36 F, 60 M) and non-smokers (23 F,45 M). The goal of the experiment was to study "the relationship between fighter seeking and smoking" (p. 221). The objectives of the study was (a) tosee if smokers are higher in sensation seeking than their non-smokingcounterparts, (b) to see if there are any gender forces in smoking and sensationseeking, and (c) to examine "in each sex, the nature of the relationship betweensensation seeking and smoking" (p. 221).     These three items were measured on four su b-scales, they are          1)      The Disinhibition subscale (DIS) - shows want to besocially open, extroverted          2)     The Thrill and Adventure Seeking subscale (TA... ...s, 19(3), (p. 219- 227). Pergaman Press Ltd., Oxford,England.Crittendens, K.S., Manfredi, C., Lacey, L., Warnecke, R., & Parsons, J. (1994)."Measuring      Readiness and Motivation to Quit Smoking among Women in globeHealth Clinics" in Addictive Behaviors, 19(5), (p. 497-507). Pergaman PressLtd., Oxford, England.Garvey, A.J., Hitchcock, J.L., Heinold, J.W., Rosner, B. (1992). AddictiveBehaviors, 17,      (p. 367-377). Pergamon Press Ltd., Oxford, England.Grove, R.J. (1993). "Attributional Correlates of Cessation Self-Efficacy AmongSmokers" in      Addictive Behaviors, 18(3), (p. 311-320). Pergaman Press Ltd .,Oxford, England.Parrott, A.C. (1993). "Cigarette Smoking Effects Upon Self-Rated Stress and input over the      Day", in Addictive Behaviors, 18(4), (p. 389-395).Pergaman Press Ltd., Oxford, England.Stuart, K., Borland, R., McMurray, N. (1994). "Self-Efficacy, Health Locus ofControl, and      Smoking Cessation" in Addictive Behaviors, 19(1) (p. 1-12).Pergaman Press Ltd., Oxford, England.

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While its not truly the holiday duration without hearing Mariah Careys All I Want for deliverermas is You, you might want to branch out a grab if you plan to do some carol this assuage. Whats a sing group to do? Instead of singing old favorites like Frosty the Snowman, consider shaking things up a billet with the following six christmas carols that dont get enough airtime.Bring a Torch, Jeanette, IsabellaTake a step back in time with this inform Christmas classic. Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella, is believed to have originated in France in the 16th century and was translated to English in the 19th century by E. Cuthbert Nunn. This Christmas carol includes a pixilated reminder to those gathered around Jesus to be quiet, so as to let him sleep. The song is upbeat and filled with excitement, as you can hear with the lyrics Christ is born, tell the folk of the village/Jesus is sleeping in His cradle.Good King WenceslasIf youre looking for a carol with a reminder to jockstrap others, then consider adding Good King Wenceslas to the mix. The song was written by John ... Essay -- While its not truly the holiday season without hearing Mariah Careys All I Want for Christmas is You, you might want to branch out a bit if you plan to do some caroling this season. Whats a caroling group to do? Instead of singing old favorites like Frosty the Snowman, consider shaking things up a bit with the following six Christmas carols that dont get enough airtime.Bring a Torch, Jeanette, IsabellaTake a step back in time with this understated Christmas classic. Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella, is believed to have originated in France in the 16th century and was translated to English in the 19th century by E. Cuthbert Nunn. This Christmas carol includes a rascally reminder to those gathered around Jesus to be quiet, so as to let him sleep. The song is upbeat and filled with excitement, as you can hear with the lyrics Christ is born, tell the folk of the villag e/Jesus is sleeping in His cradle.Good King WenceslasIf youre looking for a carol with a reminder to stand by others, then consider adding Good King Wenceslas to the mix. The song was written by John ...

Stress In The Workplace :: Workplace Health and Safety

1. In todays fast paced oxygenate Force, it is very common to come upon some 1 in an office saying "Im so stressed out". With the big drawdown of personnel in all the armed forces, the Air Force wasno exception. We were forced to do more with less. So for this one reason, it is likely thatyou will find stress is prevalent in the workplace. Because different sight respond differentlyto the same type of stress, some people seem to cope better than others (14). When dealing with computers, the trick is finding a healthy counterbalance between positive, motivating stressand stress overload, which can affect the body in different ways. Understanding stress an help you change that feeling into a positive challenge. Therefore, stress with computers can becomea thing of the past. 2. You will find computers in just about every office, regardless of the type of production line it is. Intodays world, computers have become the way to do business, communicate with the world, orjust h aving one for personal recreation. Office work in general is full of potential stress, fromnot enough light and noisey offices, to deadlines and demanding bosses. Additional sources ofstress come directly from using the computer monotonous keyboarding, hours of staring at thescreen, and lack of physical movement (285). For these reasons, we need to bear in mind that stress management should be a combination of reducing the stress, relaxing, and rethinkingour expectations and self-demands, i.e., breaking the popular routine, planning ahead, makingwise use of breaks or lunches, eating right, and exercising every day to keep healthy (286)3. Stress is an instantaneous physical response to a danger or demand "muscles tighten, bloodpressure rises, the heart speeds up, and extra adrinaline rushes through your system" (32). Nomatter what you occupation, everyone feels stress at one time or another. Stress is a fact of life(32). That is why control stress is to your advantage, vers us it controlling you. Learning tocontrol stress is to your benefit so that you feel, 1) calm, instead of nervous, 2) in control, insteadof hassled, 3) alive, instead of burned out, 4) at peace, instead of angry, 5) refreshed/renewed,instead of frazzled (33). Physical and Psychological affects of stress may be big if stressexists in your life. Some ways for you to reduce stress include but be not limited to exercise,deep breathing, hobbies (311-12). Personal stress relievers are getting enough sleep, talkworries and anger, and not substituting alcohol, tobacco and other drugs for relief of stress

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The Pass Fail System of Standardized Tests Essay examples -- Standardiz

The Pass Fail System of Standardized Tests Standardized essays have historically been apply as measures of how students compare with each some other or how much of a particular curriculum they have learned. Increasingly, convertible tests are being used to make major decisions about students, such as grade promotion or high school graduation, and schools. More and more often, they also are intended to shape the curriculum and instruction. Students across America have had to repeat classes because of the way standardized tests are used to pass or fail students. Students have had to rely on scarce one test to pass them for the whole semester (FairTest). Although the tests require students to retain information until the end of the semester, I believe it is wrong to allow just a single test to decide whether an intact semesters work will be rewarded will the credit that may have been well earned. Even general standardized tests such as the SAT, which almost every high school s tudent has taken, are not fair to students who may come from a poor educational background (Standardized Minds). Students are at a disadvantage if they have test taking anxiety, a condition that many students spite from. If a student is having a bad day or going through a rough time on a test day, this may also determine their entire semesters work. Standardized tests are often based on one topic, giving the student little room to express their strong points. Tests are called high-stakes when they used to make major decisions about a student, such as high school graduation or grade promotion. Tests are called standardized when all students outcome the same questions under similar conditions and their responses are scored in the same way. Research has shown that high-stakes testing causes damage to individual students and education. It is not a reasonable method for up schools. Test-taking anxiety is common among high school and college students. The anxiety can be quite stres sful and sometimes weakening, both personally and academically. It is a condition that thousands of students suffer from and it is something that they cannot help or overcome by the time of a test. Students who suffer from this often get very panicked by exams, and most of the time they find a blank during a test, even though they know the material... ...n a test score. High-stakes testing punishes students, and often teachers, for things they cannot control. It drives students and teachers away from learning, and at times from school (FairTest). Assessments of educational strengths and weaknesses can be useful at the individual, classroom, school or district levels. However, information the needs to be sufficiently timely, accurate, meaningful, detailed and comprehensive for the kind of diagnosing being made. Even outstanding students with high grade point averages are highly capable of failing a final exam due to anxieties and other conditions that almost every student experienc es. Although standardized tests will still be given to students everywhere, the pass fail system must stop. There are alternatives that may be taken to give every student a fair chance while still keeping the effectiveness of the tests. One possibility could be to make the final exam a large part of the students grade but not a determinant of whether the student passes or fails. A student who understands and learned the material over the entire semester should not have to repeat a course just because of one bad test result.

The Pass Fail System of Standardized Tests Essay examples -- Standardiz

The Pass Fail System of govern Tests Standardized rivulets have historically been used as measures of how assimilators comp are with apiece other or how much of a particular curriculum they have learned. Increasingly, standardized tests are being used to make study decisions about students, such as grade promotion or high school graduation, and schools. More and more often, they also are intended to shape the curriculum and instruction. Students across the States have had to repeat classes because of the way standardized tests are used to pass or fail students. Students have had to rely on just one test to pass them for the whole semester (FairTest). Although the tests require students to retain information until the end of the semester, I believe it is wrong to allow just a single test to terminalise whether an entire semesters work will be rewarded will the credit that may have been well earned. sluice general standardized tests such as the SAT, which almost either high s chool student has taken, are not fair to students who may come from a poor educational background (Standardized Minds). Students are at a disadvantage if they have test taking anxiety, a condition that many students suffer from. If a student is having a bad solar day or going through a rough time on a test day, this may also determine their entire semesters work. Standardized tests are often based on one topic, giving the student little room to express their strong points. Tests are called high-stakes when they used to make major decisions about a student, such as high school graduation or grade promotion. Tests are called standardized when all students answer the same questions nether similar conditions and their responses are scored in the same way. Research has shown that high-stakes testing causes damage to individual students and education. It is not a reasonable method for improving schools. Test-taking anxiety is ballpark among high school and college students. The an xiety can be quite stressful and sometimes weakening, both personally and academically. It is a condition that thousands of students suffer from and it is something that they cannot help or overcome by the time of a test. Students who suffer from this often get very panicked by exams, and most of the time they draw a sporting during a test, even though they know the material... ...n a test score. High-stakes testing punishes students, and often teachers, for things they cannot control. It drives students and teachers away from learning, and at times from school (FairTest). Assessments of educational strengths and weaknesses can be useful at the individual, classroom, school or district levels. However, information the needs to be sufficiently timely, accurate, meaningful, detailed and comprehensive for the kind of diagnosis being made. Even outstanding students with high grade point averages are highly capable of failing a final exam due to anxieties and other conditions that almo st every student experiences. Although standardized tests will still be given to students everywhere, the pass fail system must stop. There are alternatives that may be taken to give every student a fair chance while still keeping the effectiveness of the tests. One possibility could be to make the final exam a large part of the students grade but not a determinant of whether the student passes or fails. A student who understands and learned the material over the entire semester should not have to repeat a course just because of one bad test result.

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Creative Toys Company

The role of social system in the case was highly important because in the organization, The Creative Toys Company, all the people in it and their relationships to sensation another are mutually interdependent. This was evident in the case wherein in the transportation department, the eight members divided their work among themselves in order perplex more toys. Thus, at the beginning, their department surpassed all other departments in production for 12 months.The impact on productivity is that the employees had a dysfunctional effect on the organization because they were un leave behinding to use their talents and were resistant to to organizational changes. This was based on the case wherein the physical layout of the department did not facilitate efficient traffic current to and from the other departments hence the plant manager decided to call in consultants to determine a way production could be increased without physical elaboration and the suggestion was for the rearrangemen t of the work areas in the transportation department.Two months after the change was implemented, the departments productivity was declining hence it seemed they didnt want to do trusty with their job because they were unsatisfied with the organizational change. In terms of the organizations communication, it seems that the organization was not able to convey the key elements of the firms shade and vividly reinforce the values of the organization. This was based on the case wherein the plant manager tried to convey to Mr. Wilson the problem of the department scarcely instead of memory an open mind and listening to the needs of his employees, he just disregarded it. By not listening to his employees, Mr. Wilson did not give them the chance to have individualism which led the employees to rebel since they didnt have a strong impact or influence on the organization. An informal organization is defined as a network of psycheal and social relationships (alliances, cliques, friends hips) that arise as people associate with other people in a work environment.In the case, this informal organization caused the issue that Mr. Wilson was trying to figure out. A system could be considered as the heart of an organization that makes its different departments function well just like organs, but it should never be forgotten that it is still the humans that run the system. Without humans, the system of a company or an organization, no matter how technologically advanced it is, will be useless. As shown in the case, Mr. Wilson even hired special consultants to analyse and change the business process but in the end, they found out that the problem they were looking for was not in the system but actually in the people running the system, which were the employees. This is because the employees had an informal organization brought about by a wiz reason which is salary related. The informal organization is their way of voicing out their concern to the management and making th eir presence felt.Their somehow rebellious act caused a dysfunctional effect to the company that forced the management to look for the current issue affecting the companys performance. There are a haul of factors that motivate people. Some motivations are just because of a deadline, some because of the rewards they get for doing a great job, or just the self fulfilment involved in the whole process of doing the job. Motivation also contributes a lot in the quality of payoff or work and plays a good role in maximizing a persons potential.Making a person feel important, and giving him the proper respect and value as a person will make him feel motivated to do better and maintain this image that you have of him especially if you are the boss. Although, giving a person a reason not to get motivated can have its toll on you as a leader and as part of an organization that is output oriented. Lack of motivation will transform a persons point of view towards work, lack of motivation will turn every job into a burden instead of an opportunity to strive and do better.In the case, Mr. Wilson probably was a nice boss due to the fact that his workers has stayed with him for at least(prenominal) 2 years. The problem comes in when there is an issue involving all workers that affect their motivation to work, which is their low salary. No matter how much changes to the system Mr. Wilson does, the results stayed the same because this one issue has caused the workers to not strive to do better anymore. They lacked the motivation to prove their worth to Mr. Wilson by actually trying to do more than what is expected of them.

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International versus U.S. Standards Essay

In 2007, the SEC modified its position on the Form 20-F fatality when it issued Acceptance from Foreign Private Issuers of Financial Statements Prepared in Accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards without Reconciliation to GAAP. This rule amends Form 20-F to bear from foreign private issuers in their filings with the SEC financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards as issued by the International account statement Standards Board without reconciliation to generally accepted accounting principles as used in the United States._Required_What was the SECs rationale for this decision?How did the American account statement Association respond to the SEC proposal?CASE 3-8 IASB VS. FASB CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORKSDiscuss the similarities and differences between the FASB and IASB conceptual frameworks with respect to the definitions of the elements of financial statements.CASE 3-9 IASC HOME PAGE enter onto the World Wide Web and enter the International Accounting Standards Boards star sign page._Required_a. What general categories of information are contained on the IASBs home page?b. What current issues is the IASB reviewing?FINANCIAL ANALYSIS CASEGAAP vs. International Accounting Standards_Required_Find a foreign company that is selling securities in the U.S. securities markets and input on the change in net income that was caused by changing from the companys domestic accounting standards to U.S. GAAP.

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Advantage Of Television Essay

Communication TechnologyCommunication is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, opus, or using some other medium. The chats revolution is based on three technologies reverberate boob tubes electronic computer.The history and development of communication technology is one of the ever increasing speed and efficiency of communication over ever greater distance and ever decreasing costs. Telephone Telephone / Mobile Phone is a system for transmitting voices over a distance using wire or radio, by converting acoustic vibrations to electrical signals. Today we can send a message from one side domain to another in seconds with touch of button via Mobile Phone. Mobile phone become a video-phone, computer, camera, TV, Radio, message minder, MP3 Music player, newspaper map and so on telecasting Television is a system for converting visual images (with sound) into electrical signals, transmitting them by radio or other means, and displaying them electronically on a screen. Computer Computer is an electronic device which is capable of receiving information (data) in a particular form and of performing a sequence of operations in accordance with a predetermined but variable set of procedural instructions (program) to produce a result in the form of information or signals.Telephone Receiving and state Call, We use telephone in our Home, Office. Mobile Phone Mobile phone is a telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area, without a physical connection to a network. We use mobile phone for Make a Call, Receive a Call, Text Messaging, Smart Phone Smart Phone is a mobile phone that is able to perform legion(predicate) of the functions of a computer, typically having a relatively large screen and an operating system capable of running general-purpose applications. We use Smart Phone for making a painting Call, MMS, Use Internet, sending and receiving Email, use camera for recording. etc. Fax Fax is an exact copy of a d ocument made by electronic see andtransmitted as data by telecommunications links.Advantage of TelephoneUsages Usages of Television We use Television as aMass MediaTele TextInteractiveTelevision increasing speed and efficiency, ever greater distance and ever decreasing cost for use as Tele Tex, Mass Media and easy communication media surrounded by consumer & Customer, government activity & Public. Because of Television we get up to date news from different part of the world.Computer UsagesA computer is a Machine that performs tasks, such as numerical calculations or electronic communication, under the control of a set of instructions called program. (Microsoft Encarta 1998) We use computers in many ways that we may not even realise. In business, computers use barcode and scanners to check customers credit, to check out goods at a supermarket, and check warehouse supplies. EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) electronically moves funds in the form of wages and bills between bank accoun ts.For Travel want booking Tickets, Checking Flight etc.Also we use computer for shopping or online Shopping as Ecommerce, Or E-business Like e-Bay, AmazonEntertainment We can watch any broadcast program connect Internet with Computer. Culture Via internet we can published information somewhat our culture to all over the world, we can meet with other national or cultural people. Such as tender media site like FacebookBebochirrupLinked InGoogle plusPinterestTumblr.FlickrVKInstagramEverything we use our daily life has advantage and disadvantage which affect our personal life, social life and normal life.Advantage of TelephoneTelephone Technology has increased dramatically over the last few years, making this issue a little more complicated in the fleck smartphone world. There are many advantages and disadvantages to using the telephone as a method of communication and some of them are more or less enounce depending on whether you are considering a land line or a cellular pho ne.The basic advantages to a telephone.Keeping in contact perhaps on a more regular basis, if for example plans have to be changed quickly and a face to face meeting or a letter may take too long For emergency situations, obviously a cellular phone would be especially helpful in this way. It should also be remembered that a phone number is now required for many employment opportunities.Save time & Cost.Also cell phone is technology, having reached such a point as to now be miniaturized computers, offer access to a great deal of information, entertainment and aid for users. Such as Smart Phone became computer competitor and we use smart phone for upload video, download apps, check Email , make a video call using apps like Skype , google talk etc.Disadvantages of TelephoneMany people feel that phones have made life more hectic and work-orientatedprecisely because of our ability, and growing infatuation, with being connected to our work, friends and businesses twenty quartet hours a day. However, some research has also shown that the majority of cell phone use in the work localises is actually focused on entertainment and social communication. So, instead of communications technology increasing our work load, it may actually be increasing our social obligations instead. However, there are some general disadvantages to twain land line and cell phone use as a method of technology.To begin withPhone communication is less personal in many ways and can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding As a method of communication it is more expensive than say, talking Phones can raise privacy concerns not just over wire taps. Crossed lines do still happen and familiarity with using a phone can lead to personal conversations taking place in otherwise public settings. Using smart phone people can record and upload video which could be personal and private aftermath or something like pornography. Which affect our life badly. Also other disadvantage like DisruptivePreven t face to face conversationTexting detrimental to writing skillMay damage our ability to focus for any length of timeStalking a bullying ( Like cyber bullying uploading offensive or private video picture) Health risk like radiationThese days marketing calls are being a head ache for everyone. Anonymous threats. inner abuses.Helps terrorism.

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Inventory Proposal Wal-Mart

Every company, no matter the size deals with blood disregards. How these issues are dealt with can determine the issuing of the company. If not done in a rectifiable fashion, the company could face serious threats up to and including closure. We chose Wal-Mart as our company from our last paper, as it proposes an interesting plight in that despite the continued growth, all is not well with Sam Waltons creation. This paper will discuss the inventory problems, the expected benefits that may or may not motivate the organization for change and our assessment for an alternative solution.Wal-Mart is growing at a blistering pace adding nearly 500 stores in the past five familys a 13% increase, but during this time period Wal-Mart has reduced its employee count by roughly 20,000. This has had a serious pertain on the inventory. Bloomberg published an article that states that although Wal-Mart has one of the best supply chains in the world, without staffing that chain breaks down. The company does not conduct enough workers to help storage inventory on shelves, or distribute the inventory to stores. Customers either find stores looking disorganized and unkept, or simply find an empty shelf with no product (Flannelly, 2013).A leak reported to Bloomberg said Bill Simon, the executive vice president and chief executive officer for Wal-Marts United States subprogram stated during an executive officers meeting that the company has inventory problems. We run out quickly and the new stuff doesnt come in, he stated, noting that these self-inflicted wounds were Wal-Marts biggest risk. (Foley, 2013) The issue is the amount of inventory that the current employees can trite is far less than is required to maintain adequate merchandise levels. A store may have inventory in the back, but if it is not seen by the customer, the store is considered to be out of stock.This poses two major problems for Wal-Mart. The main problem is that this lack of stock is be Wal-Mart billi ons in sales and is essentially leading customers to competitors. More competitors, like Target and Costco, have gained some of the market share away from Wal-Mart it seems as though maintaining good, well-stocked, exceptionally operated stores needs to become a priority for the company (Flannelly, 2013). Another major issue with this problem is that inventory sitting in the back depreciates and every minute it sits is like a leaking faucet.Not only is the product sitting and depreciating, there are higher possibilities that the product might be damaged, expire, or simply bear its market value. Adding insult to injury, customer satisfaction continues to decrease. Due to the lack of workforce Wal-Mart has remained in last place on the American Customer Satisfaction indication for the past six years. Those are staggering numbers considering that Wal-Mart is the number one retailer in the world. If this problem is not rectified, Wal-Mart and its world renowned inventory corpse wil l be six feet under.Shows a steady increase in inventory, due either to the increase in locations or The lack of adequate employees to stock merchandise. The graph above indicates that Wal-Mart has the most inventory during the months of October, November, and December. This is probably due to the increase in sales during black Friday and Christmas. This also indicates that the amount of inventory during the third fundament is significantly lower than the rest of the year. Gives a more definitive look at the highs and lows in regards to inventory by quarter. Utilizes linear regression to forecast in store(predicate) inventory during any given quarter.The above graphs show inventory to sales over the last three years. We found that although Wal-Mart continues to grow, their sales could be higher. Each year there is a decrease when comparing it directly to inventory. Between 2011 and 2012 the Sales difference was 6% and only 5% between 2012 and 2013. Inventory also has a dip showing an 11% increase between 2011 and 2012 but drops down to 6% between 2012 and 2013. The reason is rather simple. If inventory does not make it to the floor, sales will decrease. As inventory continues to sit, Wal-Mart is essentially bleeding out.Obviously the correct action would be to hire the needed employees to correct this problem, but the costs may be too high to do all at once, not to mention, Wal-Mart feels no need to do such. Our alternative solution would be to hire in increments and implement specialized training that specifically focuses on turning the inventory. All new employees should become subject matter specialist and the training must be repeated throughout the nation (White C. , 2013). While inventory is not the issue, it has become the equation of cause and effect. This must be a priority as the inventory is the life blood of the company. No blood, No business.

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Adolescent Sexual Behavior Essay

IntroductionAdolescent familiar legal actionual behavior refers to familiar feelings, behavior, and development in adolescents. It is a stage of human call downuality. The bring upual behavior of adolescents is influenced by their cultures norms and mores, their intimate orientation and the issues of social control. Sexuality is a cultural issue. For humans, sex is a matter of cultural meaning and personal choice than biological programming.Costs and Benefits of Sexual BehaviorAccording to a 2004 study, the rates of adolescent familiar intercourse and birth rates to jejuners in the United States have declined, but a majority of adolescents have been zesty in sexual intercourse onwards completing high indoctrinate. 42% of high school students did non work a synthetic rubber during their last sexual encounter and 14% engaged in sexual activity with approximately four partners. Reducing adolescent sexual activity and the risk for sexually transmitted diseases is a priorit y under robust People 2010, a set of health objectives for the nation to achieve over the first decade of the new century. (Deptula, Shoeny, Slavick, 35)Studies show that there is a link amongst sexual attitudes and sexual behavior. Attitudes ar related to condom use and sexual activity is for both young and older adolescents. Not surprisingly, high school students describe that commanding attitudes toward sex were related to engagement in sexual activity. It was particularly c at a timerning sexual pleasure. Worries about pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections were related to condom use. Theories give notice that attitudes ar a key part in the process of making behavioral decisions. The Health Belief Model, a psychological model that attempts to explain and call off health behaviors, is determined by focusing on the attitudes and beliefs of individual.The Decisional Balance model postulates that behavioral decisions argon made by assessing and comparing relative ga ins or losings associated with behavioral engagement. The factors include costs for the individual andsignificant others as well as approval from oneself and significant others. In a study that examined the Costs and Benefits of condom use it was found that the ratings for perceived behavioral costs of protection remained constant over time while perceived benefits of birth control and condom use were associated with behavior change. (Deptula, Shoeny, Slavick, 35)The relation between attitudes and sexual decision-making may also be influenced by the impact of demographic factors such as age, sexual urge, and religion, on attitudes. Boys had more positive attitudes towards sex than girls and girls had more positive views of abstinence. Males also had more liberal attitudes towards premarital casual sex and anxiety, fear and guilt concerning sexuality. They were also more likely to survey great benefits associated with sexual activities than females. Despite the gender differences in attitudes, the beliefs that each held are important predictors for both males and females. Attitudes towards sex become more positive with age and the gender differences in attitudes decreased with age.When an analyses conducted to determine is attitudes words sexual activity were majorly associated with engaging in sexual behavior, it was revealed that adolescents who had never engaged in sexual activity report more cost associated with intercourse and fewer benefits compared to those who were sexually active. Engagement in sexual activity was linked to a comprehension of lower costs and greater benefits for intercourse.The primary purpose of the study was to determine which two aspects of attitudes, cost and benefits, predicted parallel and future sexual activity. The effects of costs were equivalent, if not stronger than benefits. The study also suggested that the perception of costs and benefits were both influential in adolescents decisions to engage in sexual activity.Base d on the theory of Decisional Balance, it is expected that adolescents who decided to engage in sexual activity would report fewer costs and greater benefits associated with having sex, which is somewhat supported by the study. When the likelihood of intercourse was 50%, the cognisance of costs was greater than the awareness of benefits. It appears that althoughcosts still outweigh benefits, adolescents still engage in sexual activity, suggesting that there are other factors that play a role in the decision to have sex. (Deptula, Shoeny, Slavick, 41)The results of the studies have important suggestions for prevention. The start of sexual activity was predicted by both costs and benefits attitudes. Perception of costs was slightly more influential than benefits in prediction later sexual initiation. It is suggested that both of those dimensions be targeted in order to successfully delay adolescent engagement in sexual activity. In analyze the costs, it was revealed that its main fo cus was on teenage pregnancy. The benefits included social status, personal pleasure and interpersonal connection. The study also revealed that females with high cognitive abilities reports more benefits associated with sex while males with lower cognitive abilities reported fewer costs.The Way Teens Define SexThere is certainly a divide between the teenagers of today and generations forwards them. The divide has to do with what each generation considers to be sex. According to research done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than half of 15- to 19-year olds are engaging in oral sex. Adults say that is a form of sex, but teenagers do not see it that expressive style. A 19-year old sophomore in college stated, For almost teens, the only(prenominal) form of sex is penetration, and anything else doesnt count. You can have oral sex and be a virgin, while most adults consider oral sex as something that is extremely intimate.Sarah Brown, director of the National C ampaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy said, What were learning here is that adolescents are redefining what is intimate. Teenagers view oral sex as something that is quite casual so it doesnt need to be done while in a kind. (Jayson, 1) Psychologist David Walsh stated that the brain is wired to develop uttermost(prenominal) physical and emotional attraction during the teenage years as a part of the maturing process and he is disturbed by the way that the media portrays casual sex because it gives teenagers a false image on true intimacy. (Jayson, 2)When a parent discovers that their child in engaging in oral sex, they arent sure what to withdraw because of the way that teens are so nonchalant about it and parents werent usually doing that as teenagers. This could also be due to the fact that many parents do not mean that their child is the one who engages in such things.The definition of abstinence is changing as well. Everyone has a different definition of sexual abstinence. The mo st common land meaning of sexual abstinence is not having any type of sexual intercourse. Abstinence is often linked with how recently a sexual behavior has occurred. If a certain sexual activity did not occur recently, many teens would describe themselves as abstinent, regardless of their sexual history, while others still define it as not doing anything sexual. It just depends on who you are.The Medias Influence on Sexual BehaviorThe mass media is becoming the easiest way for young people to learn about sexual behavior and see it as well. Perhaps it is so influential because the teenage years are when we develop our own sexual beliefs and behaviors and parents are very slow to talk about sexual issues. The average adolescent spends six to seven hours using media ranging from television to books. That number could be higher by now because most adolescents now have televisions, computers, DVD players and some sort of audio system in their rooms and other parts of their homes besid es their living rooms.Much of the media that adolescents are exposed to include sexual imagery but rarely portray consequences of risky sexual encounters or healthy sexual messages. Many health professionals believe that mass media content showing casual sex with no consequences has resulted in a host of negative behaviors among teens who may be persuaded that teen sexual activity is something everyone does.(Hart, 4) Although data shows that adolescents use media very frequently, mass media influences are rarely included as important contexts for adolescents sexual socialization.Researchers suggest that media influences showed consistent and significantassociation with beforehand(predicate) adolescent sexual intentions and behaviors. Being male was associated with greater sexual intentions and activity. No religious variable in the study was associated with sexual intentions of behaviors. Perceived sexual leave from the media was also associated with sexual intentions, light sexua l activity, and heavy sexual activity. (LEngle, Brown, Kenneavy, 191)The findings of the study also showed that adolescents who are exposed to more sexual content in their media diets are more likely to engage in sexual intercourse in the near future. The media serves as a super peer for adolescents who wish to seek data about sexuality because it is easily accessible. It has also been said that the information that they receive from the media is different from what they learn from other sexual socialization agents such as parents, school and religion.Media programming rarely shows negative consequences from sexual behavior and depictions of condom and contraception use are very rare, making media users more likely to act the way that they see characters acting because they are seen as realistic and they are not punished for their behavior, making these behaviors convincing to adolescents. (LEngle, Brown, Kenneavy, 191)Trends and Estimates of Sexual ActivityBefore getting into the inside information we must distinguish between sexually experienced and sexually active. Sexually experienced is a teenager who has had sexual intercourse at least once in his/her lifetime. A sexually active teenager is one who has had sexual intercourse in the past three months. The earlier an adolescent has sex, the longer he or she is at risk of pregnancy and contracting an STI. In 2002, approximately one-quarter of never married teenagers has had sexual intercourse before the age of 16. The number change magnitude as age did. Some adolescents who have not engaged in sexual intercourse have engaged in oral sex.(Terry-Humen, Manlove, Cottingham, 3) Since many teenagers do not consider oral sex to be sexual activity, they probably do not concern themselves with the risks of this behavior.Due tothe fact that not many teenage relationships are long term, not all sexually experienced teenagers remain sexually active or are consistently sexually active. Those who are consistently sexu ally active put themselves at risk for pregnancy and contracting an STI each time they have sex or have sex with a new partner. (Terry-Humen, Manlove, Cottingham, 3) Being in a relationship that teenagers view as romantic is associated with a greater likelihood of having sex. Teenagers with older sexual partners are more likely to engage in sexual intercourse than those with similar age partners. Females are more likely to be in a steady relationship when they have sex for the first time. (Terry-Humen, Manlove, Cottingham, 4)In order to continue with having declines in teen pregnancy and lower the rising rates of STIs, it is suggested that messages of abstinence be reinforced, advocate teenagers to reduce the frequency of sexual activity and partners, educate them about the risks of oral sex, and expand interventions to high-risk populations, such as minority groups. (Terry-Humen, Manlove, Cottingham, 7)ConclusionWhen it comes to predicting later sexual activity, both Costs and Ben efits are important, although attitudes concerning the costs were a bit more influential in predicting sexual activity. It is suggested that both Costs and Benefits be included to hamper sexual activity. Due to the way that every different generation was raised, the way in which we define sex is different to everyone. Baby-boomers see oral sex as something that is very intimate while teenagers see oral sex as something that is casual. The way in which some teenagers behave can end up pain in the ass them in the future because they will not make out how to have a long-lasting, healthy relationship.Adolescents who are exposed to sexual content in the media and obtain greater support from the media that is related to sexual behavior have greater intentions to engage in sexual intercourse and other sexual activities. The most obvious ship canal for teenagers to avoid STIs and unintended teenage pregnancy and childbearing is by delaying sexual initiation or reducing the sexual activit y and number of sexual partners as well as improving contraceptive use of those who are sexually active.My TakeIn my opinion, I think that its great that people are trying to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies and STIs in teenagers. I dont believe that a person should have to be abstinent until pairing or anything like that and I believe that contraception should be used at all times. It is very alarming that kids are having sex at younger ages. Im with a lot of teens that say that oral sex is not really sex and I think it is due to the time effect Im growing up in. Were desensitized to these things.I think that its important for parents to talk to their kids about sex, even though we probably know more than they think. Many kids I know, as well as myself, surprise our parents with how much we know about sex already because things were different when they were younger. Everything was more belt up, hush then. The media is definitely a huge influence on the way that we live o ur lives today because sex is everywhere and its what sells.

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Monteverdi’s Opera

Claudio Monteverdi is considered as one of the greatest composers in the history of music. Composer of opera housetic masterpieces, Monteverdis works are express to have united the music of sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (Kamien, 1998, p. 117). One of his best-known creations is Orfeo, also called LOrfeo, an opera nearly Orpheus, the musician in the Grecian mythology (p. 117). The opera deals with Orpheus grieving about the death of his wife Eurydice from a lethal snake bite (p.117). The opera was created for the Mantuan court and featured prominent stars, dancers, a chorus and an orchestra consisting of 40 musicians (p. 118). This masterpiece has the dramatic and literary elements that cemented Monteverdis status during the Baroque era.Born in Cremona, Italy, in 1567, Monteverdi served as a singer, violinist and music director for the court of Mantua (Kamien, 1998, p. 117). He was appointed music director at St. Marks in Venice, where he worked for 30 years (p. 117). Opera w as said to originate in Italy, where composers, nobles, and poets commonly convened to hold musical discussions (p. 115). The first opera house was in Venice (p. 116). These individuals, who at one point included Vincenzo Galilei, the father of Galileo, called themselves the Camerata or Italian for fellowship or society (p. 115).The Camerata yearned to develop strain call patterned after the ideals and practices of the Greeks (p. 115). However, since there was no concrete Greek dramatic music, the Camerata patterned their creations on surviving stories and descriptions (p. 115). Greek dramas were described as being sung in a style between melody and speech (p.115). The Camerata decided on a vocal style that was recited and would have a single chordal accompaniment that resulted in a homophonic texture (p. 115). This homophonic texture is a characteristic of the Baroque opera. exclusively why Greek?The aristocrats fascination with Greek mythology and history was one of the main r easons why composers and musicians created operas reflecting Greek dramas (Kamien, 1998, p. 115). It may also be because Renaissance, the period preceded by the Baroque, was a period wherein Greek philosophy, architecture and ideals were given paramount interest. Renaissance means rebirth and perhaps this included rebirth of the earlier times, which included the ancient refining of the Greeks. Then it continued with the Baroque period, with the aristocrats still favoring Greek drama and composers and musicians trying to please them.Monteverdi was able to create effects, much(prenominal) as pizzicato and tremolo to reflect feelings such as that of anger (Kamien, 1998, p. 117). Additionally, his expressive use of polyphony while at the same time allowing instruments to function aside from simply accompanying he vocal parts is truly an innovation. With Orfeo, Monteverdi was able to inject different kinds of music recitatives, arias, duets, choruses and instrumental interludes (p.118) .He had a way of making his characters come alive (p. 118). The texts are set in such a way that the recitatives and the melodic passages rotate (p. 118). This resulted in a feeling of heightened passion, allowing the soloist to move from one mood to another. Monteverdi was a master in achieving this.Monteverdi wrote about 12 operas but only 3 were preserved (Kamien, 1998, p. 117). His music was mainly for voices, accompanied with a basso continuo or instruments (p. 117). At 75, Monteverdi finished his expiry opera Linconronazione di Poppea or The Coronation of Poppea (p. 117). In his lifetime, Monteverdi was known for his opera but was not given due respect. In fact, he was once quoted as saying that he had to beg to be given what was due him (p. 117). It is unfortunate that Monteverdi uttered those words once and while it is sad to note that he is no around to read, see and hear people admire him, it is enough that in death, Monteverdis works live on.ReferenceKamien, R. (1998). M usic An Appreciation 3rd ed. USA McGraw-Hill.

Peace-Building and Community Development in Uganda Essay

Community development is a multi-faceted activity that has disparate ends. It also has different requirements depending on the of necessity of sight inside the community. Development can be achieved by sustaining small and medium businesses, ensuring education for all, managing comprehension and diversity, keeping peace and order, and creating comprehensive disaster management. Through these, a community like Uganda can be sustainable.In Uganda, the dehumanizing aspects of slavery in the S discloseh and racial discrimination in the North ar more than than just the beatings, but also the parting of children from their m an separate(prenominal)s, the denial of education, and the sexual abuses of slave masters (Davis, 2004). The civilization that certain in Uganda reflected the variety and contrasts found on the guileless. The piles of Uganda differ greatly in language, customs, and appearance. The geography of this huge continent also shows sharp contrasts.Along the Nile River , which flows from the tropical forests of Central Uganda through the deserts of the north, several early civilizations developed. wizard of the most influential regions was Sahara. Saharas political, economic, and cultural influence had an effect on the floor of other kingdoms. Later, empires establish on trade grew up in the region of Sahara (Davis, 2004). Patterns of settlement and trade were influenced by the varied humours and internal sources of the Uganda continent. The het uptest and wettest regions of the continent ar near the equator, in the basin of the Congo River.Heavy rainfall and warm wet air encourage the growth of lush rain forest. Near the edge of the rainforest is the savanna, an open grassland dot with shrubs and scattered clumps of trees. The savannas provide land for farming and herding. These grasslands are also home of Uganda great herds of wild animals, gazelles, giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, lions, and elephants (Davis, 2004). racialism in Uganda h as been associated with reduced spirits, lower efficiency and a greater probability to experience terrible mental strain and nonappearance in the major activities in a community.People who go through racism speak of having ghost of timidity or letdown and lowered levels of self-esteem. Minorities who good sense that their identity and culture are non cherished may also live through lowered levels of self-confidence and self-respect and think that they have are not welcome in a neighborhood or community. This mindset may bring about a sapiditying of denunciation of their own values, language, and ultimately their culture, and an ensuing loss of individuality (Hooks, 1994). In Uganda, the ways of sentiment of throng concerning cultural smorgasbord of their communes differ extensively.Amongst a number of minorities, there is a devotion to a deepened insight into cultural diversity and multiculturalism. about mainstream people are anxious about variations and sense aversion towards people of color. If the person of color is torture discrimination of either sort, he or she may feel forlorn and miserable. He or she may also attempt to evade incidents where racist activities could happen, and pretend to be unwell or be anxious of deserting their homes (Kressel, 2001). In some nations, significant segments of the nation reject coexistence with minorities in equal terms.These minorities have faced discrimination in such areas as housing, education, and employment. Although no scientific produce supports racist claims, racism is widespread and has caused major problems throughout the world. Racism is most often used to warrant the creation of political or economic systems that encourage or maintain the domination of one racial group over another. Such beliefs were long used to rationalize the enslavement and persecution of people viewed as humble (Stoessinger, 2002).Throughout history there have been persecutions and atrocities that can be described as cases of genocide. The Russian pogroms (persecutions of the Jews) during the tardy 1800s and early 1900s were an example of genocide. During World War II, the Germans practiced genocide. They killed about six cardinal European Jews. Victims of the Holocaust went through dehumanization simply to tell on the killing of others psychologically easy for the Nazis. legion(predicate) victims of the Holocaust suffered from various experiments which eventually led to the death.Some of the experiments were things such as sun lamp, internal irrigation, hot bath, warming by body heat, hypothermia, among others (Clemens and Purcell, 1999). In recent years a disputation has raged over the dubiety of whether opportunities for dull economic advancement are more affected by belt along or folk position. Sociologist William Wilson believes that racial discrimination has become less important than kind class in influencing the life chances of black Americans (Hinkle, 2004).He says that civil rights legislation and affirmative action programs have substantially raise the cap historically imposed on black social mobility by segregation, resulting in greater educational, income, and occupational differentiation Blacks with superb educational backgrounds and trade skills rapidly moved into the American middle class blacks with limited educations and job skills became the victims of dehumanization and welfare dependency. Now poor urban blacks find themselves relegated to all-black neighborhoods where they are further dehumanized and socially separate from mainstream American life (Zanden, 1993).According to Maiese (2003), the coupled Nations defined peace-building as an interplay of capacity building, reconciliation, and societal transformation. For other organizations, the short-term goals are more evident peace-building revolves around promoting peace in an immediate situation. The United Nations move up an international convention in 1948 that make genocide a crime . On Dec. 9, 1948, the United Nations passed the race murder Convention, which was designed to overcome the claims of Nuremberg defendants that they had violated no law.The convention made genocide a crime. The next day, the UN espouse the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Fifty years later, in 1998, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda became the graduation exercise international court to pass a guilty verdict for the crime of genocide. The verdict related to crimes act during the 1994 conflict in Rwanda (Kim, 2004). In 1999, there was already a convention, called the Geneva Spiritual Appeal, which made history in collecting in one venue the Catholics, the Jewish, the Buddhists, the Muslims, the Protestants, and the Orthodox Christians.Then again, there remain Christians, Animists, & Muslims in conflict in Nigeria Christian-Muslim discord still abounds some parts in Asia as Indonesia and the Philippines Buddhists and the minority population of the Hindus Tamils a re at odds in Sri Lanka and incredibly, Animists and Witches are cursing each other in Uganda (Reich, 1998). Sometimes, it is steal to entitle these conflicts nationalist ones, because they impact on the endeavors to build nation-states, in which the majority gets the state.More like the loving territory takes over or designs the administration. Defining such a nation is typically by linguistic or religious yardsticks. Hence, we have the Ugandans in the continent of Africa singled out as the inferiors by tongue and by faith, and Germans differ from the French by their verbal and non-verbal communication (Carter, Gwendolen, and Herz, 1991). Perhaps theres a list of people growing to be defensive about their identity if they sense that it is under cordon. There is real not a single ultimate peace resolution plan that can referee the unrest.Attempts had been made like the 1999 Convention but the conflict is not exclusively attributable to spiritual diversity alone. It may be distri buted among ethnic feuds, religion-based worldviews, economic modifications, and political coalitions, among several others (Carter, Gwendolen, and Herz, 1991). On having the United Nations enforcement of globalized paradigms, they would need to try harder. Peculiarities mover in on the extent of their reception. If the soils fragile, they are more likely to get involved. If the countrys sturdy, they are more likely to lag behind and perform diplomatically around the edges.The fundamental is not to establish globalized benchmarks but to develop local, internal avowals (Stoessinger, 2002). They said there is only one word of honor and a million interpretations. moreover there is a single quotation in it that speaks of harmony a house divided against itself cannot stand. Proclaiming a house partitioned to be a condominium cannot be expected to spiel out when many of the occupiers want instead to demolish the edifice entirely and put up their own, unconnected houses. Speaking of houses, local religious sects could construct and ring a Peace Bell at the set-back and end of their spiritual observation.Ugandan victims could ask their municipality to formally declare their observance of the day (Kim, 2004). It would also be certainly wise for any intercontinental organizations to use workforce from countries that went through related experiences, rather because using the abstract approach brought by peacekeeping squads from Western nations to intervene in Uganda. One limited strategy possibly is to have this staff encourage the people inviting other faith traditions to join them in a prayer service for peace in Uganda (Carter, Gwendolen, and Herz, 1991).International treaties should make it easier for local organizations to get bear on in the region of Uganda where genocide is concentrated without misplacing valuable time as they wait for the pronouncement of the United Nations Security Council, the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, or the Organization of African Unity (Reich, 1998). But it should always be made a point that the auxiliary time is spent on compound interfaith commitments to dialogue and cooperation for promoting peace.In the 1990s, Jewish groups pressured those who had profited from the Holocaust to compensate Holocaust victims or their descendants. Groups that paid reparations include the German government, certain Swiss banks, and some German companies (Clemens and Purcell, 1999). In the country Uganda, capital of Minnesota Rusesabagina, the hotel manager compete the hero in the lives of thousands having different cultural backgrounds. In the middle of European colonization in Rwanda, Paul made an uncompromising initiative to communicate with the most relevant redeemers from the camp of Brussels headquarters.This way, he succeeded in playing the peacekeeper among the threatened people he hid in their hotel (Carter, Gwendolen, and Herz, 1991). The United Nations also played an indispensable theatri cal role in Uganda. Led by Col. Oliver, the organization gets to know what is actually happening but not to make contingent actions and resolutions to put a stop to genocidal cases that mete out Rwanda. He stood the middleman mingled with the U. N. superiors and the people under the wings of Paul Rusesabagina (Carter, Gwendolen, and Herz, 1991). However, it was also evident that the situation could have gone smarter if the likes of Paul Rusesabagina and Col.Oliver were stipulation ample attention or at the very least, not ignored. Apart from the United Nations, a armament of support and private-owned groups advocate against dehumanization and as such, campaign for a zero-dehumanized world and for a healing functioning to start with (Stoessinger, 2002). For instance, Interact Worldwide is an advocacy-driven virtual institution with the purpose of building support for and implement programmes, which enable marginalized people to fulfill their rights to sexual and reproductive heal th.Redefining Progress works with a broad array of partners to evoke the economy and public policy towards sustainability that they can measure the real state of a countrys economy, our environment, and social justice with tools like the genuine progress indicator and the ecological footprint that they design policies to evoke behavior in these three domains towards sustainability and that they promote and create new frameworks to replace the ones that are taking us away from long-term social, economic, and environmental health.Other popular organizations include The Family Alliance to Stop Abuse and Neglect, issue Down Syndrome Congress, Resources for Children of Holocaust Survivors, Amnesty International, Freedom House, Human Rights Watch, Reebok Human Rights, among many others (Carter, Gwendolen, and Herz, 1991). Prejudice provides for the safe rout of hostile and aggressive impulses that are culturally tabooed within other social contexts. By channeling hostilities from with in family, occupational, and other crucial settings onto permissible targets, the stability of existing social structures may be promoted.This is the well-known scapegoating mechanism, another universal method to dehumanize (Zanden, 1993). In Uganda, scapegoating resulted in the inhuman treatment of Ugandan tribes like Tutsi. Bound by his duty-based ethics, Paul Rusesabagina could be pictured having utter, intrinsic moral commitments to some external source to carry out certain actions, notwithstanding his particular situation and personal goals (Carter, Gwendolen, and Herz, 1991).The ways of thinking of people concerning cultural miscellany of their communes differ extensively be it in Rwanda or in some other place in the world. Amongst a number of minorities, there is a devotion to a deepened insight into cultural diversity and multiculturalism. Some mainstream people are anxious about variations and sense antipathy towards people of color. If the person of color is suffering dis crimination of any sort, he or she may feel forlorn and miserable.But with Paul Rusesabagina around, the people kept safe in Uganda were saved not only from the harm of genocide but from the acerbic bias posed against them by the larger fraternity that is morally wrecked and uncharitable (Carter, Gwendolen, and Herz, 1991). An inherent debate has raged over the question of whether opportunities for black economic advancement are more affected by race or class position. Some believe that racial discrimination has become less important than social class in influencing the life chances of Ugandans.Civil rights legislation and affirmative action programs have substantially lifted the cap historically imposed on black social mobility by segregation, resulting in greater educational, income, and occupational differentiation Blacks with good educational backgrounds and job skills rapidly moved into the middle class blacks with limited educations and job skills became the victims of dehum anization and welfare dependency.Now poor urban blacks find themselves relegated to all-black neighborhoods where they are further dehumanized and socially isolated from mainstream Ugandan life (Hooks, 1994). The risk is that when chauvinistic behaviors and attitudes are allowed to go unimpeded in any environment, a climate cultivates which sees these incidents as natural and so permits racism to become deep-rooted. Whereas not many complaints are collected every year, this should not be compared to a low frequency of racist incidence.Inadequate misgiving of legislation, fear or apprehension on the part of victimized minorities to disclose racist activities or hesitancy by parents to engage in legal amends are factors that may thwart the conveyance of formal complaints. As well, formal treatments for grievances of racism are not constantly suitable, with arbitration usually being considered as a preferable substitute (Kim, 2004). Racism has been a steady problem in Uganda all thr ough time. Other forms of racism are, perhaps, less obvious.The hierarchical structure, academic elitism, and the whole way of life of mainstream society are directly opposed to cultural values and world views. How all this conflict is experienced by people of color can only be explained adequately by the citizens of the society themselves it provide be different depending on their past experience and even non-existent for others, but the suppression of the values and way of life of the mainstream society will adversely affect everyone because racism against these people of color eats at the hearts of the tyrannical as well as the dominated people (Hinkle, 2004).Peace-building can concentrate on resolving accredited issues between constituents. It involves moderating by authorities or other atoms of the community to maintain understanding between parties. On the other hand, it is also creating a society where the constituents are educated and transformed so that they do not only know peace but also lives peace. In these terms, education plays an integral role. This creates a community which is not only dependent on intermediaries but with self-regulation of peace as well.In the end, a community filled with peace-loving citizens is a community where peace has been built (Stoessinger, 2002). Personally, if I were a member of a certain low-income urban neighborhood similar in nature in Uganda, I would put forward my full knowledge of the end and the means to achieve it. As part of the will for a sense of community, I will take the initiative to conform to shared leadership or become consideration leaders.After all, a leader providing positive reinforcement is a leader creating a positive climate and peace-loving attitude all over a community. So long as there will be provision of opportunities that allow me to exercise responsibility and creativity in our common endeavor, my active appointment would include extensive information dissemination, be it online or via available physical infrastructures, and active civic participation.

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Critical Thinking Doesn’t Mean Just Criticizing

Sound conjectureing in every state of life is more(prenominal) practical than poor intellection. When an individual is skilled in their idea it pays off by saving time and energy. When an individual uses sound thinking they atomic number 18 able to control life raft whether undecomposed or fearful. Halpern, D. (2003) states, Critical thinking is the use of those cognitive skills or strategies that increase the prob powerfulness of a desirable push throughcome. (p. 6). Critical thinking provoke be also considered as teleological in constitution. As well fine thinking concerns the attainment of goals and the desired outcomes from achieving them.Critical thinking is not meant just for criticizing. It is the ability to effectively evaluate evidence and use intellectual tools to avoid being gullible to highly contestable or absurd ideas. The development of particular thinking skills is vital be give the skill enables quite a little to operate in a capacity to participate effectively in society, make complex choices, commit to social justice, and forge on beliefs and actions. Advances in technology encounter placed an abundance of information at the lands finger tips.Without critical thinking a person will be unable to separate what is worthy from information that is useless. Critical thinking can be comp atomic number 18d to strenuous movement because thinking is hard work. For exemplar at the end of ones day if that person stayed open minded and grasped onto different ideas, that person must without delay evaluated the evidence supporting those ideas. The National Science Foundation surveyed public attitudes and knowledge about science, they found that 70% of American adults said they were interested in science, barely fewer than 30% could dig a equal definition of a scientific audition or hypothesis.Therefore even if a person has world(a) knowledge of critical thinking it will not ensure they will be able to bed the difference between true and false teaching if they do not collapse an understanding of what constitutes scientific evidence. With correct instruction a humans thought process can become broadly applied, ad lib generated, precisely focused, intricately complex and more insightfully divergent. To develop these skills will take practice, concentration and coaching. Critical Thinking must include critical reflection on what passes for critical thinking.However critical thinking can restrict a person to the use of criticism to approved topics and can cause one to ask into unconventional fields of criticism. Critical thinking is not essentially a negative enterprise but should maintain the kind of criticism which is not aimed at rejection, but considers apparent knowledge on its merits, retaining whatever survives critical scrutiny. Being critical has its positive and negative sides. A writer can compose a review of an article that may or may not agree with the readings presented.The writers retort t o the material will depend on their attitude and what type of approach they are trying to pack out of the material. Therefore critical thinking is not to be interpreted as simple criticism. In order for a person to be an effective critical thinker they cannot accept information at face value in a non-critical or non-evaluating way. In order for critical thinking to do a positive impact in a persons life they must move over the skills of logical analysis and understand how to cod these skills. According to Passmore (1967), being critical is not simply a habit, a skill, or mastery over the art of logic.Passmore goes on to describe critical thinking as more of a character trait that causes one to ask questions about information received. A critical thinker knows how to consciously apply tactics to discover facts and understanding at that place meanings. The Stanley Milgram Obedience study successfully shows how a higher function figure can use their position to encourage others u nder their authority to perform cruel acts to cause harm to others. The Milgram study showed that 65% of his subjects which where residents of New Haven, were un subtilely willing to give false electric shocks of 450 volts to protesting victims.These victims were faultless for the pain that was apparently inflicted upon them however because of the authority commanded to the subjects, the subjects whether against or for the experiment go on as commanded. When put in this type of position one must go through a reinforced sense of critical thinking to up hold what it right. This experiment surprises me at how many slew will engage in activities knowing they are going cause someone else harm. It makes one wonder how people in authority who use their power to cause others harm gained such a position.One would think that this persons superior would pick up one such an act and bring it to a stop. Not merely that but why would the subordinates allow such activities to continue withou t reporting the billet to the proper authorities. One can only assume that fear for losing their assembly line or level of respect would cause them to continue to adhere to authority figures whether the action being asked to perform is right or abuse. In the economic system we live in today one can only assume to these actions are becoming more prevalent and people are obeying the commands given to the just to keep their careers.No one can return to lose their job and expect to live comfortable. Instead of using critical thinking to overcome the inhumane request the subordinate just goes along with the order being given to remain in good standing with the authority figure. Had I been the participant in the Milgram study and was ordered to continue with the experiment knowing that the person I was shocking was in total disagreement and begging to stop, I would live halt. My nature and kind heartedness would not have allowed me to continue with such an act.Not only would I have stopped with the experiment, I would have had to make the experimenter aware that what he was doing is damage and unjust regardless of the excuse that the experiment was important. The first three questions in the think Tank self-evaluation asks you whether you believe there are right and wrong answers and authorities are those who have the right answers, there are no right answers and everyone has the right to their receive opinion, and last even though the world is uncertain, we need to make decisions on whats right or wrong. These three questions represent the three stages of cognitive development.I found myself to agree strongly with the third statement. I am at the stage in my life where I am well aware that the world is full of uncertainty but we as a society must come together and regulate on what is right and what is wrong. This is the main reason we have impartialitys, to keep control of the world. The laws give use a uniformed understanding of how our world is suppose d to operate. Without laws we can expect that the world would be in chaos. raze though laws are set in place to be obeyed there are still people who set out to challenge these laws and there are others who dont care what the law states and do whatever the will to do.However even though the laws are set in place they are not black and white. One must use there critical thinking skills to effectively apply the law in their life. This can be a shortcoming because many laws leave a potty to be interpreted as to the true meaning behind them. With this in mind if critical thinking skills are not applied one may assume they are in the right of the law and really not be because of a lack of understanding. What strengthens me at being in this position in this stage of my life is the fact that I dont jump to rash decisions.I have learned how to take my time and evaluate each property, weighing the facts and going with the best option available. fetching the time to do this helps to elimin ate a lot of heart ache, struggle and regret. All of us have found ourselves in the position where we wished we could go back in time and change some of the decisions we have made. We all know hindsight is 20/20 and the only thing we can do is live and learn. hold how to use critical thinking and apply to every aspect of our lives. Working a Hardees long time ago I was placed in a position to make a decision to desexualize rotten chicken and serve it to the public.The manager ordered me to cook chicken that both she and I knew could be a danger to the public. Refusing in a very disrespectful manner I lost my job and was sent home with a broken heart because my intentions were good but the situation was handled in the wrong manner. I had to regroup and approach the situation from a different manner therefore because of my beliefs I knew I could not let the situation go. Instead of remaining mad I used critical thinking to come to the conclusion that people could not suffer from eat ing rotten chicken and action had to be taken.At this point I called the health department and the district manager of Hardees and reported the situation and my concerns. By the end of day I had a call from my manager and was asked to come in for a meeting. During this meeting I was informed by the manager who fired me that if I had handled the situation in a more respectable manner she would have understood my point of view and respected it. If I had taken the time to use critical thinking and explained my standpoint for why I refused to disobey I would have never had to go to such lengths to get my point heard.Because I immediately got angry and viewed my manager as an inhumane person I criticized her and got fired. Although my initial reaction was handled in an inappropriate manner, I was able to terpsichore back and regain control through critical thinking and informing the appropriate authorities of the facts of the situation and regained my employment. From this I learned tha t critical thinking and criticism have a domino effect. One bad decision not only causes one side effect, it causes multiply until the drawing string is broken.In my situation the chain was broken when a thinking critical approach was taken and proper authorizes were involved. I could have been critical of what my manager had done and tried to ruin her name around the small town, but that would have only created more problems. Involving the proper authorities help to bring the situation under control, the chicken was thrown out and no one was placed in harms ways by consuming the product. I regained my employment because I stood up for what was right and changed my attitude towards the situation to gain a positive outcome.Society is often set about with the need to rapidly assess situations and make decisions under dynamic conditions and often with limited information. Sometimes the outcomes are good and sometimes they are bad. As long as humans are involved there will be injury t o others in some cases which is unacceptable. Criticism can be constructive or destructive and each individual needs to evaluate themselves on which type they are using along with their critical thinking skills to gain the most positive outcomes for their experiences.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Emily Dickinson Belonging- Belonging Can Enrich and Limitation

An Individuals fundamental interaction with others and the piece close to them can amend or limit their receive of belong. The desire to belong shapes and informs virtuosos existence. Whilst a sense of belonging attained through the relationships that we form with people and placet and allows us to feel an enriched sense of design and acceptance. from an somebodys failure to form strong relationships can lead to a modified sense of belonging. relationships cerbates that sense of isolation and exclusion from their society/community.The concepts of both belonging and not belonging are both depicted, this notion is explored in the work of Emily Dickinson especially in such poems as as I had been empty , I gave myself to him and This is my earn. Dickinsons poetry reflects the people, time and place when she was writing, the early 19th century during the Romantic period. Her poems reveal the influences of ones interaction with others and the world can have on the experiences of ones inner self, their relationships and their interaction with the world, which whitethorn enrich or limit their experience of belonging.An enriched or limited experience of belonging of and individuals interaction with others and the world may reveal significant truths of the individual. Dickinson scrutinized the inextricable links between orthodoxy, the fundamental law of an individuals identity and the agonizing paradox of belonging. This can be seen in I had been esurient which demonstrates the personas desire for acknowledgement and her Asceticism. I looked in windows for the wealth, I could not hope for exploit, appears to be an anguished cry for inclusion and indicates her envy when looking in at those who have a sense of belonging. hough she finally acknowledges that while communion with others is tempting, she would lose too much of her natural self by conforming. The words, Nor was I hungry, so I found, reflects her longing to sample the bounty having been commodious by her overlook of hunger, she ironically returns to her solitary subsistence and inured to hard ships. In a similar manner, Dickinsons I gave myself to him in like manner reveals her thoughts on her sense of belonging.Through the despondency of her words, Myself a poorer prove, the usance of alliteration stresses a sense of dis bereavementusionment and discontent that she does not belong dueperhaps to her inadequacy or even her paradoxical reluctance to belong.. The enrichment or terminus ad quem of the experience of belonging is depicted in the work of Dickinson. Unpack the words of the question to show how Dickinsons poetry really reflects her limitations. Relationships may be enriched or limited by the individuals experience of belonging as clearly conveyed in Dickinsons I gave myself to him.The poem is a metaphoric representation of a commitment and has a sense of ambiguity which draws out a variety of interpretations. The solemn rack of life the use of economic commodi fication portrays her relationship in possessive terms and the juxtaposition of solemn with hold highlights the duality of the marriage vows and Dickinson feels her unworthiness in serving her partner, The oxymoron Sweet debt of life suggests ambivalence which then advance limits the individuals sense of belonging with others. The further limitation of an individuals experience of belonging is further conveyed in This is my letter to the world. world that never wrote to me , it evoking a sense of loneliness and realization indicating that she is isolated. The limited interaction with others further highlights Dickinsons limitations in her relationships and ultimately her sense of belonging. Ones experience of belonging is significantly influenced by their interaction with the world. Belonging come from being part of a group or tradition as can be seen in the work of Dickinson. The use of first person narration in, I had been hungry all the years, demonstrates her metaphoric hunger , a symbol of yearning for inclusion within society.The connotation of curious, in And fey the curious wine, suggests that the persona is unfamiliar with social interaction, and does not have a positive experience of belonging. And conveys a sense of discomfort and the feeling of awkwardness, through the use of simile and a negative connotation, Myself felt ill and odd, as berry of a mountain bush, The last lines reflect her longing to sample the bounty having been satisfied by her lack of hunger, she ironically returns to her solitary subsistence and inured to hardships. Nor was I hungry, so I found she realizes that she wasnt hungry for an inclusion within society. In a like manner in This is my letter to the world,This is my letter to the world that never wrote to me, this indicates that she feels indignant that the world seems to function without noticing her. Her petulant accusatory claim that no one ever communicates with her indicates that she begrudges or resents her invisi bility to society thus, stating that the individuals interaction with society may influence their experience of belonging.Overall, the interaction with other and the world around may reveal significant truths about the individuals self, their relationships and society. As seen in the work of Emily Dickinson, that the interaction with other and society may enrich and limit the individuals experience of belonging. Good effort. Make sure you address the question clearly. Dont use the words in the question incorrectly. Also You will realise this is too long for your speech so make sure you cut it down to allow for equal treatment of related material.

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The Impact of Popular Culture in Our Lives

As the number of users, young or old race round the world grows It Is Important to know the causes that have made Faceable so phenomenon In our lives. Among the various slip look by which FEB.. Has come to possess our lives, we are going to talk about relationship, business and online gaming. First, Faceable Is so common because It Is an excellent way to establish friendship and take in a friends circle around the world. It is not wholly used to create relationship, but it allows people or friends to stay in communication.With its features like instant online chew the fat and now Video calling, Faceable makes friendship more interesting at no cost all. In admission to its great benefit, Faceable is a platform where we can create, personalize and manage our own profile. FEB.. Has improved the way party communicate by dismantling the barrier and creating an environment of openness (Fletcher Dan and Andrea Ford, 1). We can parting whatever matter of our life by posting pictur es, comments, and video. Faceable overly gives us the chance to react to the post of friends by commenting the post event.As a social website, it is a best way to retrieve old friends seen longtime ago. FEB.. Is a plaza which allows us to keep in touch with our friends and family personas no matter the distance (Breed Conrad, www. Dedication. Ca). For manakin a family member travels to another place where it is difficult to coordinate the difference of time, therefore, it is hard to have ph angiotensin converting enzyme conversation or text. Nowadays Faceable gives us the chance to stay in touch. With the development of internet, electronics devices like smartness and tablets, we can share and report our feelings, our lifes event at any(prenominal) time and from any part of the world.Another way Faceable boosts relationship is for example when students create a group for studying purpose. Through this link, students can stay connected ND share any information on their project, home works, weekly assignments, exams and due date. Next, FEB.. Is not scarcely used to create relationship, but people can also use It to do business. Business may enjoy Faceable for numerous reasons . Small or big business can lower marketing expenses by using FEB.. Pages and also allow people to upload pictures, video and leave comments from business.This may be a powerful way to communicate with customers, Glenn the chance to see the product or service expectations without having to vaults the office. Also the function share or tag can be used to promote business around the world (N. P. , www. Business. SLD. Gob. AU/ page, and therefore invite friends or existent customers to share or tag it. Each shared image give appear on a Faceable members pages where their friends can see it too. By the end of posting day, the image or picture can be seen five hundred to thousand times.Faceable is a base of customers of more than one thousand millions around the world. Business activit ies which were extremely expensive prior Faceable, can be used on Faceable for free or at least for a small contribution. Faceable page is a space where any business can publicize their name, address and contact details, and rotary their products and services. Business organizations can present their staff, history, or any other aspect of their activities that can attract other Faceable users and create interest (N. P. , www. Business. SLD. Gob/business).Finally, Faceable is turn one of the most enamored platform for online gaming. It is an amazing website that provides an exciting and stimulating platform of online free games for its members 24 hours a day. Play online games with friends, share scores and sometimes give points to rescue them is one of the interesting amour that Faceable offers to its members. Nowadays, Feb.. Online gaming has surprisingly exploded. The number of players grows at the same rate as the Faceable users number. Some people only login in Faceable to pla y games and spend times.The users who play games monthly on faceable. Com are up to 250 million (Breed Conrad, www. Dedication. Ca). The succeeder of Faceable game application makes games developers to link their product to Faceable. To emphasize online social interactions with others players, Faceable tends to focus games (Breed Conrad, maw. . Addiction. Ca). Among Faceable games, some games like Yogas rhombus scare, Pet Saga Rescue, Zingy, city Vile are most attractive. For example in October 2013, members were directed to Diamond Dash app over 19 million times (Mike Thompson, www insignificance. Mom). In conclusion, Faceable is a mean used by any type of people from anywhere in the world. Feb.. Gives us a chance to do numerous interesting things like creating relationship, doing business and having fun by playing games as well. Even if FEB.. Has dismantled any culture barriers, it is important to underline that Faceable has possessed our lives. Today, many people cannot spend an entire day without put down in FEB.. . The question is how to use Faceable without making us dumber or addicts. Brent Conrad. Why is Faceable so addictive?

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Anyone can make a difference

There is no such thing as a perfect valet de chambre although we continue to try and make it seem that panache. Man mannikin has dreamt about making this wish a reality for galore(postnominal) centuries soon enough has failed in its attempts. This supposition along with the failure it carries exists because no champion man or women can entirely change the world we live in. No two people are alike so therefore how can millions of individuals be expected to have the same exact motives or desires.In contrast, the reality is that no matter what sex, GE, religious mental picture or ethnicity you carry, either oneness has the same bottom line basic guides that must be met for survival. If each and every one of us could under defend that perception and accept it than the key to peace would be among us. Over the centuries in which humanity has been alive it seems that this fact has not been discovered by all its civilization. So therefore many have learned that by separating themse lves from trying to persuade this thought, they can more over begin to emphasis on their own parts to play in this action movie called Life.This world is make full opportunity anyone of us can have and will have the chance to take a stand in making our home a better place. Being a strong advocate of voting, it is shock to conclude that many of Americans do not participate in the act of voting, elections or other classless virtues. The best tool that we have at our disposal is the Benton 2 power to vote, which is the most sufficient way to voice our own opinions. Too many people described as Americans like the idea of problems fastener problems but this solution is unrealistic.If someone does not agree with how the government is running things then it is stated in the Declaration of Independence to speak up It is overall OUR RIGHT to say so The government should neer have full control over our country we are supposed to have a nation run civilization not some communist dictat orship Another action that should be utilize in attempt to make our world a finer place is to recognize how something so simple(a) as showing respect and love towards one another can lead to such autocratic self-outcomes beyond measure.Anyone no matter hat sex, age, religion or ethic background again should be treated equally and not any different then how you would want or expect to be treated. No one human being is better than another even if he or she makes more money or is shown to be in a higher standing within the system. I hateful if there really is a God, than we are all his children, correct? No favorites would have been picked from the stack over another. Nevertheless, along with these examples, a dedication to volunteer activities can also provide an impact on the community not alone on you.Regardless of the location in which you become involved with such cheating(a) activities it is always known to show a positive feedback. There are so many amazing, kind hearted a nd wonderful people who reside here in Fresno, California not mentioning the rest of the planet yet along with these people one should recognize that there will be a lot of cutting ones to follow. Yet, experiences with others should never change your own view and relations to the outside world. It is true that his economy is so hideous Benton 3 eight now that it is causing thousands to morph into self-centered monsters.This reality is disgusting as it is the roadblock that is separating that of commonality. Sadly enough, this sequence of events is taking venue only because of the way we have let such issues prolong. The need for survival is a mind-controlling factor yet if we could all realize that by working towards a such(prenominal) deeper long-term goal, we all would be much better off. The strong crave for the light bulb to one day appear over the naive is prodigious as help from Americas people is so desperately needed.Evidentially enough, it is impossible to turn the mind s of everyone single handedly so some must carry on with their own lives and continually try their best in spreading their own opinions and words in the appropriate ways. While dream of a greater day, maybe this exhibit will one day be transformed into a reality for at lease our children or childrens children to experience. All that any single individual can do is give effort and think that maybe their suggestions will make a positive influence and one day spread into something larger and far greater