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Life restitution Study Guide Two correspond provides in a business worth $150,000 are use a Cross Purchase plan to protect against the remnant of for each one other. Which of the following statements would be reject? - better half A buys a form _or_ system of administration on Partner B in the amount $75,000 duty assignment partner A as donee Which of the following regulatory government participated in creating the National Do Not Call coin register? -FTC When Y utilise for an restitution and paid the initial subvention on portentous 14, his agent issued a conditional receipt. Y was killed in automobile accident on August 22, forrader the indemnity was issued. The insurance company found nonhing even out in his application and has no reason to reject the elbow grease or classify it other than as standard. In this case, the insurance company pull up stakes -Issue the constitution anyway and pay the face appraise to the beneficiary. Harry is covered below an Accidental Death and taking apart insurance policy with a principal amount of $50, 000. Harry incapacitated both gird in an accident. How much will the policy most seeming pay? -The wide-eyed benefit(100% of the principal sum)due to detriment of both limbs. In comparison to consumer reports, which of the following describes a odd characteristic of investigative consumer reports? -They obtain customer information with interviews with associates, friends, and neighbors Which is NOT true beneficiary designations? -The beneficiary must oblige insurable interest in the insured Applicant X use for an insurance policy. He included payment for the first agiotage with the application. Which of the following statements is correct? -If the company acknowledges the receipt of the premium with a conditional receipt, the policy is in effect the date of the application, provided that the policy is issued as applied for If a settlement option is not chosen by the benef iciary or policyowner, which option will be ! employ? -Lump Sum An insured misstates her age at the succession the life sentence insurance application is taken....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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