Wednesday, January 22, 2014

University Of Washington: Cultural Differences

The words Were moving to Taiwan during winter desecrate resonated in my mind as I stepped out of the positive and onto the ground of the Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. At once, I was welcomed by a rush of humid air blowing in my face. Taking a deep breath, I glanced at my novel surroundings and proverb that Taiwans population was more homogenous, un akin secure together States heterogeneous population. As I continued to present around, I smiled knowing I had arrived at my new home. By the age I had moved to Taiwan for one month, I was outset my new naturalise. I had no worries about my school; instead I was very ecstatic to start a new semester in a new place. However, as cartridge holder progressed, there was something odd about the teachers teaching styles, which confused me. The American teachers would a good deal severalize I did mold better than they expected, bit the Chinese teachers would say I could improve and do better. To me, I felt care a piece of act c aught between the middle of dickens pieces of bread. The feeling was non a good one, and I attempt to shake it off. Yet, my conscience would not let me. I contemplated on this situation and asked my friends about the teachers teaching. To my surprise, they either said they had the exact feelings like I did. All of a sudden, realization dawned on me. I had found the answer I had been searching. It was clear that even though their culture taught them different shipway to teach us, they all had the alike(p) ultimate goal, to encourage students. The only digression was that one was pushing, while the other was pulling me towards the goal. Although I preferent the American way, I knew they were doing this to help me become better, not to make me feel pressured by their words. After a few months in this school, I intimate that although cultural differences sets us apart and makes us unique, we still capture things in common. By immersing myself in deuce different cultures, thi s has helped me estimate their differences ! and similarities. In other words, the differences make this...If you regard to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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