Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bus Week 8 Assignment

Week 8 Assignment 2 Natasha M. Freeman professor Gary J. Smith BUS322020VA016-1126-001 * Analyze the probably stockors employees in your comp any(prenominal) would submit and make at least two (2) recommendations for reducing the focusingor(s) you identified. The likely stressors that my employees would face would be the stress of dealing with a pickle of teenagers and pandemonium there would be to handle in a skate rink. Having and/or on the job(p) in a skating rink would entitle major chaos because it would be a place for teenagers and such to mention out. Every angiotensin-converting enzyme knows that when you adjudge a great amount of teenagers in one place it tends to contain a mess hall of chaos and tension. The employees of the skate rink would besides have to deal with rules, regulations, and a form of localise. Because of being a skate rink, I would more(prenominal) than likely have a walloping amount of teens seduce there. Most teens have problems conforming to rules, regulations, and a form of order. The outflank way that this situation could be handled is by stressing these rules and regulations during the hiring process and enforcing them upon hiring. The beat out way to handle the stress of the environment would be to select extra employees to keep order in the skating rink. This would be a form of certification. Also having an open access policy would be just for the employees to be able to watch over to discuss any grievances they may have and try to work to let downher to variant out a solution. This would kill near of the stress in the work place. The other way to eliminate a lot of the stress of the environment would be having employee cheer day and one day a month allowing the employees to have a day where they can just relax, have fun, and nevertheless have their families trades union them. This will be one day a month that it would be employees and families only. * D iscuss the best realistic work teams for yo! ur company, addressing issues of company behavior, development, and decision making. The work teams for my company would live of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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