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Ethics Gemma McCann Word count: 1680 Within this report I am going to explore and explain the honourable perspectives of Deontology, importantism and justice ethics. I pull up stakes look at different ethical principles and use up examples of twenty-four hour period to day pr dissembleice to demonstrate my understanding. I bequeath explore traditionalistic philosophical and radical perspectives that underpin health care practice. Ethics- sinless principles that govern a persons behavior or the conducting of an activity (Oxford, 2010). Deontology Deontology is an ethical perspective which focuses on duties and rights; it is a inning of honourable philosophy. Deontologists will focus on an act creation right or wrong and not on the return of an action. Deontology holds that moral determine and standards notifynot be determined at all level of compendium by what would promote the opera hat topic (Darwell S. , 2003) The deontology speculation states th at people should be loyal to their duties when deciding what to do when approach an ethical dilemma. Therefore this person will notice his or her obligations to another individual or society because upholding ones handicraft is what is considered ethically correct. For instance, a deontologist will always keep his promises to a friend. A person who follows this theory will produce very arranged decisions since they will be based on the individuals right duties and beliefs. Consequentialism Consequential theorists believe that the moral rightness of an action can be determent by looking at its consequences. The of importist focuses stringently on the outcome of an action and not on the act itself. A fundamental tenet on which all consiquentialist moral theories equip is that the moral rightness and wrongness of acts is determent by the moral value of relevant consequences (Darwell S. , 2003). There are dickens types of consequential theories Egoism and Utilitanism. Ego ism argues that an act is moral when it prom! otes the individuals best eagle-eyed term interest. If an act produces more good...If you want to buzz take a full essay, order it on our website:

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