Saturday, February 8, 2014

sudan position paper

The Republic of Sudans Position on Peacekeeping The republic of Sudan contains 40.2 gazillion people, of which the official language is Arabic and the religion is Islam, and who are governed from here in northern Sudan. The rebels in the south and in the vicinity known as Darfur are nothing more than blasphemers who reboot against tranquillity of mind and have caused the death of thousands of their kin. We have dumbfound abouted repose before, with the rebels of southern Sudan. We offered an extremely generous peace pledge allowing them half(prenominal) of our oil reserves and permitting Christians and Africans in our territory to escape their rightful(prenominal) punishment. We even off went as far as allowing the south to secede, if conditions escalated. save as we approached peace, the people of Darfur dashed out the hopes for all Sudan. Our secrete is peacekeeping in Sudan and the means and methods of reaching peace. We have enlisted janjaweed and our brethr en in Darfur to think with the rebels there and in the south as well. The state of struggle against the rebels has progressed smoothly with minimal loss on our side and peremptory destruction on theirs. Overall it throwms to us, that our raids against the rebels are successful and that in short once they are all wiped out, peace will return. The UN has, as they say jumped the gun. They have ordered 26,000 peacekeepers to arrive in Sudan and effort to enforce peace and impose on our government. The UN cannot even see their own outrageous demand, which is to date less than 40% of their goal, a mere 10,000. We have however, for the sake of peace and respect for the UN allowed them to nurture our land and invade our privacy. The UN lacks the support and power they need and their peace keeping force of trained peacekeepers who are regarded so some(prenominal) high than our forces are failing to do their job go out only our forces to fulfill this task. From our standpoint, Sudan is still flourishing, in 2006, Sudans ! population reached an estimated 41 million and metropolitan Khartoum is...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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