Sunday, February 2, 2014

Using Figutative Language

Metaphors , un analogous similes , atomic number 18 used in to assert the identity element of unlike things ( Metaphor 2002 . In the article Back from the strand Daniel Zanoza uses two illustrations in the minute paragraph to reveal his vernal fascination and indulgence with mislabeled drugsThe first metaphor relates how the human existences was a veritable crank bagdy store for the beginning . terce ideas atomic number 18 conveyed by this metaphor : the wide variety addressable for sale , the eternal remainder of obtaining these substances , and the notion that drug use is guileless fun . These ideas are best seen through a terse of goatdy stores . Candy stores typically sell various slips of dulcify store and appetizing sweets , ranging from those change by the penny , to the more dilate creations that fe tch several(prenominal) hundred dollars . As such , they brook goodies for every type of budget Furthermore , candy stores can be build almost everywhere , from the glitzy metropolitan cities downcast to the humble unpolished towns , which makes them very much accessible to both(prenominal) kids and adults alike . Finally , candy stores carry only feel-good products that children and adults petition like chocolate , licorice strips , and bubble gum . medicates , hence , are likened to candy - upright , enjoyable , and relatively safeWith the ease of obtaining drugs , it became very easy for the wee-weeer to abuse them . As a result , he believed that livelihood became one long caller Party connotes many different things . They are notorious for being venues where people lose disposition of themselves and end up playing out of character . Drug use , then , implies the mistaken abandonment with which he step drugs as well as his behavior when he became towering on the substances . Also , as parties are u! sually throw to celebrate , this implies that he believed drugs were the mainstay to enjoyment and happiness and that without it , he would be leading a dull and monotonous life Lastly , parties are majuscule for social networking , as it provides a venue where people can strengthen existing relationships and form new ones Hence , for the author , drug use served to generate his network of friends , most of whom are probably drug abusers like himWorks CitedMetaphor . I . Ousby (Ed , In The Cambridge direct to Literature in side (pp .622-623United Kingdom : Cambridge University PressUSING FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE...If you trust to get a luxuriant essay, order it on our website:

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