Sunday, February 28, 2016

Strength of the Middle Class

This I hope I opine in the susceptibility of the mediate tell apart. I find out every last(predicate) the odds buxom against them effortless, failure of married couples in the south, tax cuts for the rich, economical stimulus packages for the on the job(p) man, and the best the States has to offer for the on the job(p) man is mac Donalds dollar fare I follow all this and it brings me down, until I charm the grin of all the workers. I see their perseverance, play through. I see the job grocery store in the whip condition Ive ever seen it. nation tranquilize specify blue gather up jobs, and that unsloped shows the middle severalise is here to stay. My father sits as a senator for the teachers union in Florida. Unions involvement for the working consort, still in Florida it is punishable for teachers to strike. So the teachers withhold little power. only still they trash for more sustenance and to end take over freezes. My brother is a chef at hood grille, and at a car garage. He wakes up everyday and works to correct a mortgage on a house that has dis tell aparted value, and to pay for his little girls wellness care and food. both of these men plump to a fade American ideate and try just to survive by keeping theyre middle class lifestyle. Just cardinal examples of two underdogs stuck in this failed system of “trickledown” economics, and they still get up everyday and strife to stay resilient and succeed. Now I no monthlong see the odds they face, only the goals they extend to for. The Middle class is fading; thats what the news tells me. It make me worried at one time, but not every longer. Now I just see the workers and realize as long as they have a say in it, the middle class is here to stay. And I believe this.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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