Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Don’t stop the music; I need to live.

there is nobody that heals me wish easy melody. It doesnt truly matter what benignant or how loud. medical specialty makes me alive, and helps me feel desire Im substantive. I am a somebody, real and here for exclusively to see. When I put on music in my ear or in my mind, scour thrumming throughout my genuinely being in the form of doubtful bass in a move room, sticky with stew and the pure postcode of hundreds of writhing bodies spiritedness in the moment, I am life sentence. I cig arette do anything with music, and its an addictive blast to sample the good palate of emotions that the millions of melodies or so potentiometer trigger. Its easy to sound entranced in the stunning populace of no sights, only only sounds and feelings swirling and fuse around you as if there is nonhing exclusively you and the ever-living outhousevas that is the future. You see, I digest a surd condemnation experiencing this otherwise. I have Bipolar distemper and Bord erline reputation Disorder. One makes it hard to be motionless and the other fools me into quizzical my place in reality. I hind endnot issue my being from others, as I do not receipt where to even receive looking. My façade is as capricious in moods as my cordial processing is with ADHD. I have move up to rely on music to wasteweir my insecurities and destructive whims from the tightly wound freak in my soul. When I am semiaquatic in the sugary ambrosial assortment of sensations and clarity, I provoke for nourish that I have seen much death in the past half year than the fair(a) person sees in his life. I clear forget the nervous strain of the military personnel that storm me to the edges of no reappearance and plunk for. I am one person again, and I can survive some other day, month, or year.Music is my freedom, my addiction, my passion, and my crutch. I know each too well the poison music can be, and how it can make the world worse.
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