Wednesday, February 5, 2014


EBCDIC (Extended Binary ordinanced Decimal Inter flip Code ) (pronounced each ehb-suh-dik or ehb-kuh-dik) is a binary engrave for alphabetic and mathematical fibers that IBM develop for its larger direct systems. It is the code for textbook version files that is enforced in IBMs OS/390 operating system for its S/390 servers and that thousands of corporations use for their bequest applications and databases. In an EBCDIC file, each alphabetic or numeric slip is represented with an 8-bit binary fall (a reap of eight 0s or 1s). 256 possible characters (letters of the alphabet, numerals, and special characters) are defined. IBMs PC and workstation operating systems do not use IBMs proprietary EBCDIC. Instead, they use the industry ensample code for text, ASCII. Conversion programs allow different operating systems to change a file from one code to another. Unicode is an simply new-sprung(prenominal) idea in setting up binary codes for text or script characters. O fficially called the Unicode Worldwide Character hackneyed, it is a system for the interchange, processing, and display of the written texts of the diverse phraseologys of the modern world. It in hang onition supports many classical and historical texts in a number of languages. Currently, the Unicode standard contains 34,168 distinct coded characters derived from 24 supported language scripts. These characters subdue the principal written languages of the world. Additional work is underway to add the few modern languages not yet included. ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is the most common format fortext files in computers and on the Internet. In an ASCII file, each alphabetic, numeric, or special character is represented with a 7-bit binary number (a string of seven-spot 0s or 1s). 128 possible characters are defined. UNIX and DOS-based operating systems use ASCII for text files. Windows NT and 2000 uses a newer code, Unicode. IBMs S/390 syst ems use a proprietary 8-bit code called EBCD! IC. Conversion...If you call for to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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