Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Influences On Family Structures

Check stagecoach: Influences on Family Structure In the mental picture “The illusion Purple’’ there were several different negative corporation influences. The photograph was establish on the times of the early 1900’s and African American’s were not accepted in society as equals as they are today. African American women were often exchange off into marriage at very adolescent ages. some(prenominal) times the men who took these four-year-old girls were much older and had homes, land, and adolescent children that needed to be cared for. These green girls became caregivers as well as maids and forced into a life much like slavery. The new-fangled women received little or no education and this modus vivendi was accepted as normal among the community. For suit Celie (the character make by Whoopi Goldberg) , was given to a man by her raise up in her teenage years. Celie was forced to be his wife, care for his children, and be the house maid. She was treated like a slave and bastinado if she even so much as talked back to her pretentious husband. Another negative influence on family structures was the selling of babies born(p) to the young African American teenage girls to wealthy Caucasian couples. For example, Celie gave cause twice as a result of her seduce’s molestation and both babies were sold to Caucasian couples who could not have children of their own. Celie was threatened by her father that she better never retell anyone other than God or it would kill her mother. ane constructive influence on family structure that stood out to me in the movie “The Color Purple” was the involvement with the local church. on that point were several scenes focusing on families in the church. Throughout the movie, Celie is earthly concern lecture with God. Another positive influence on family structures was the idiom the movie placed on families working in concert, living in concert and pos ing down at dinner to gear upher. During the! holidays the families would join together for family meals. For example there was a scene where Sophia’s...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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