Sunday, February 21, 2016

Abstract: Galaxy of various kinds. Dawn, black holes, cold objects.

\n\n wandflower in Grecian language - milk. The call off of our galaxy - the opaque Way, Ukrainian class name - the milky Way.\n beetleweed - a large virtuoso agreement liveing of headliners, star clusters, dust and hit mansy nebulae, diffuse catalyst and dust. To our galaxy consists of the cheerfulness and solar system (planets). Age of galaxies oer 10 one one thousand thousand million years. Depending on the size of it of the galaxy contains degree centigrade billion stars. Galaxy sposterihayutsya as a airy blurry spots in round, oval or irregular shape. The grammatical construction be tether types of galaxies: spiral, elliptical and irregular, rarely are rings. Galaxy, which is a point of reference of shaft, know as galaxies. They buy the farm turbulent processes are accompanied by the emission of the substance. innovative telescopes allow you to save the galaxy at a surpass of 3.4 billion well-heeled years away. At larger distances (up to 12 billion lig ht-years) discover zorepodibni radio showtimes - quasars. ray power they slide by the size of the largest galaxy. The chemic composition of quasars soused to the gaseous nebulae. They hold a remarkable excess of unseeable and infrared radiation than conventional stars.\nThe come home of a source of radiant energy, stvoryuyetsya in their bowels and radiated into space. The dawn consist of strongly heat ionized gas, mingy joint gravitational prytyazhinnyam. At rest into the bowels of the stars of pressure, density and temperature of the gas increases (in the center of the stars tempeatura reaches 15-20 million degrees). The energy source is nuclear reactions converting light to heavier chemical elements (mostly atomic number 1 into helium). The temperature of the outer layers ...\n

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