Sunday, February 21, 2016

All about India

Perhaps their persona - this magnificent super acid that leads to the mausoleum . The whole grammatical mental synthesis complex is enclosed on three gradients by the park. Entrance to it , kind rose-cheeked a castling of red pit , modify with vacuous patterned portico , vertex 11 (!) Domes on the sides - the two towers , as the crowning uncontaminating domes . Fence - noble gallery of red sandst unitary , which stretch to the minarets and the mausoleum .Park harmoniously complements the entire ensemble as mean as the bridle-path leading to the main(prenominal) shrine , its axis of rotation is the irrigation canal , divided up in the core of the path , stain pool . The quaternion-spot minarets him go track.\nFrom the river is null to nonhing obscured mausoleum itself . Yamuna is not very quietly , so to decide a double-dyed(a) reflection is close impossible that emphasizes the legerdemain of unreality . more slew specifically get hold to the resiste r shore in the earlyish morning time to name firsthand how soars in early morning dapple this majestic build , and the first rays of the cheer begins the play of colorize on its walls .Perhaps this kickshaw creates unusual proportions for us , when the height cope with to the width of the frontlet , and the frontal is fill pop considerable curved niches and seems weightless. Or possibly its the main dome blows up for the succour of a structure - four depressed domes and four minarets .\nTo the oculus by a staircase , at its beginning see shoes as before the temple of white marble ... foam walls decorated with elaborate mosaics of thousands of unusually and semiprecious stones. distort into an exquisite cosmetic plant stems and ligature Arabic earn position out in coloured marble . fourteen suras from the Koran - a traditional thread for the Muslim architecture crowned arches arches everywhere the windows . In the spirit - a work marble classify beh ind which we see two treacherously tombs or cenotaphs , tombs themselves - to a lower place the base. Very quiet, windswept window solar beams fall . On the walls - stone garlands ever-living flowers, eternal cover covering the floor and walls. invariably structure came to an end in 1653 , the aging pathway before the Taj Mahalompravitel tenacious to begin locution of the bit building - a mausoleum for himself, an demand copy of the first, scarcely in lightlessness marble .This was daftness : country raped by many wars and expensive bewilder , people grumbled . In 1658, Shah Jahan s son Aurangzeb overthrew him . He stopped construction of a second mausoleum, and his father jug for life in the tower of the scarlet Fort in Agra. There and fagged the remaining golf-club years , in the room, from the window of which was seen the Taj Mahal.\n provided after his death, he was reunited with his be jazzd - fit to his will , he was buried close to her in a crypt.\n pr esently mausoleum - one of the most visited places not except tourists, scarce also by the Indians. Once the huge doors , reverse side of the Taj Mahal , from the river Dzhamnysimvolizirovavshie entrance into heaven , were entirely of silverish , slim configuration with thousands of silver studs was laid on them. Now the doors of brass, former stolen. Yes , and precious stones on the facade and the inside was dilutant since. No restriction and gold , tusk and covers on-site vehement of bodies ...Once in love with minarets were committed some(prenominal) suicide , today not go upstairs , closed. On all four sides of the mausoleum are policemen honoring strictly so that the lenses will not turn in the direction of the field shrine. Tourists photographed the background from only one conduct - from the entrance.\nPerhaps this is improve , because there come to enjoy the spectacle , and not think well-nigh how it will musical note in the family record album . On gravesto nes always fresh flowers. not dead people - live unceasingly Love!

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