Monday, January 21, 2019

Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee Born and brocaded in Antioch, California, Alex Pardee is an up and coming graphicsist who is breaking d profess umpteen a(prenominal) figurative aesthetic barriers. With a style molded from years of disgust movies, comic books, old school gangster rap, and severe depression and anxiety, Alexs style is simultaneously horrific and fascinating. Alexs struggle within himself had a positive outcome that he intends to share with anyone with an open mind, eyes, and ears. At the grow of 14, Alex was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.He was hospitalized for months, growing restless as the doctors tried to find the set combination of pills to make him back to normal. However, pills and therapy werent the treatment Alex needed. To keep himself diligent during his days at the hospital, he drew to pass the time. His drawings became more puzzle out and twisted as the number of days he spent cornerstone white doors built up. When he was released, there was no turning back. As a child, Alex enjoyed newspaper comics. He and his sister would trace the comics and add their own captions.Alex Pardee has always been drawn (no pun intended) to different art, whether it be old movies wish The Dark Crystal and Star Wars, graffiti, skateboard art, or the likes of Strawberry Shortcake. The prototypal twisted comic that captured his interest was The Maxx, lay downd by Sam Keith. Before he found The Maxx, he never took a liking to comic books, sentiment they were wholly superhero non signified. This dark, untidy comic about the tragic happenings of a juvenile girl changed his view of the comic industry as a unit of measurement and inspired his own twisted, powerful, unkempt style.As far as education, Alex has no art degrees of any sort under his belt. When he was a kid, he precious to be Bobo Fett. But, during high school, his dream was actually to attend film school, only that dream remained dormant due to his extremely introverted personality. The though t of accessible interactions during projects prevented him from pursuing that career. He chose art because he knew he could easily do that from the comfort and safety of his own home. What inspires you? is the most common and hated interrogative sentence that Alex is asked.The possibilities of that answer are always so complex and hard to bump that he often gives simple answers that leave inquirers unsatisfied. To simplify the near novel-length answer, at two it was Star Wars. At four it was Disneyland. At six it was my parents. At nine it was Garbage Pail Kids. At 14 it was Robocop. At 15 it was The Maxx. At 16 it was Street Fighter. At 17 it was graffiti. At 20 it was the discovery of zines and self-publishing. At 21 it was Photoshop. At 22 it was Half-Life. At 23 it was painting. At 25 it was screen-printing.At 26 it was Aqua Teen Hunger Forceand full-grown Swim. At 30 it was Zerofriends. At 35 it was Chloe (his girlfriend). Alex Pardee began with small drawings on rise pa per or in notebooks. Once his skills and techniques improved, he made photocopies of his sketches and jolting copies of his books and began spreading them like wildfire around his town. Copies were strewn about waiting rooms, public restrooms, magazines, newspapers, and anywhere else he could think of putting them with the hopes that someone would recognize his talent and efforts.This keep until 1999, when a handful of other artists encouraged him to own his books professionally printed. To carry for printing expenses, he got a job at a spiel store. He had the job for nine years and maintained a sweetie love/hate relationship throughout. In the first year at his toy store occupation, Alex released his first book, My Book of Colors. After the release, he began devoting all his time, blood, sweat, and tears into his skyrocketing career. Since then, he has released the book series Bunnywith and The Secrets of Hollywood.These releases branched out into calendars, clothing, poster s, rich dolls, figurines, and multiple art exhibits. He is a member of the art groups unreal City and Zerofriends, which recently opened their own store in San Francisco, California. Alex has do artwork for the bands The Used, Aiden, In Flames, and Cage. His artwork for The Useds album In Love and Death depicted a signature Pardee character named Chadam, whose fabrication was made into a Warner Bros short film. He also did design and artwork for the movie Sucker Punch. Alex Pardees horrifically moving artwork has captured the interest of many around the world.His unique style has inspired that of many upcoming artists to create equally disturbing and fantastic pieces. Not only does he have thousands of sketches, paintings, and short stories to shed light on the warped convolutions of his mind, but he has a less than perfect back story and wicked sense of sarcasm to verify it. Thats all part of what makes him so fascinating. An brilliant and talented man, Alex Pardee is an icon of persistence and individuality for thousands upon thousands of aspiring artists and seemingly bemused inhabitants of Earth.

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