Tuesday, January 22, 2019

James Fowler’s “Stages of Faith” Essay

In response to James Fowlers poses of Faith, I have to agree with a majority of these coifs. With premise that there ar no social, physical or mental deficiencies, his stages are appropriate with manners development. As I read his stages of breeding, I tack together myself giving him credit for a rule of thumb or princip anyy speaking type of tone. Stage 0 is a predictable stage of life. Primal or Undifferentiated their faith is characterized by an early acquirement of the safety of their environment consisting of warmth, safety and secure vs. hurt, neglect and abuse. In all cultures and communities this is very common. As I read onto stage 1, this is where I started to non disagree, however extend the stages beyond his age interpretations. Stage 1 is a stage that does non just symbolize ages three to seven. Rather, their whole life in some say. Stage 1, Intuitive-Projective, can be developed into belatedly adulthood until an image is created. Stage 2 seems to be the most play we come across as parents.The name should really be called the mood stage. They imagine wild stories of consequences, illogical reality and really a misinterpreted modality of life. However, their faith is sport and completely interesting to listen to how they filter messages. Stage 3 of Synthetic-Conventional I could not agree with more. At my stage in life, I find myself sitting pretty in Stage 4 Individuative-Reflective faith. This stage of faith is based polish off of experiences in life and how to ruff adapt and relate to each item. Unfortunately this stage is also distrait with the responsibilities of life. In stage 4 we are raising kids, starting careers, acquire houses, and finding a harsh reality of life. While it very fun and exciting, faith can take a back seat and not a priority. Stage 5, the mid-life crisis is occurring more and more often. My father in law, afterwards 33 years packed up and left this past blessing for selfish reasons he admits to. There comes a point in life that after stage 4 is complete and your job, whether raising kids, paying off houses, cars or raising kids comes to an end, you can become confused on the controllables and uncontrollables life. This takes us to the final stages of life. Stage 6, or the

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